We need admins!
You love OMGPOP? You want to help building the European community in the ESL? We are looking for motivated admins for the international OMGPOP section - read on if you are interested. Your job as an ESL-Admin is on a voluntary basis and you will not get any financial reward. But you will work with a friendly and motivated team.


Proficient language skills. (english)
Experience with OMGPOP.
Certain knowledge of the rules in the ESL.
Neutrality and objectivity.
Sense of responsibility , reliability and flexibility.
Teamspirit and conflict management.

We're asking even more - read below for the tasks awaiting you


Creation and planning of the OMGPOP section.
Live Support during Cups.
Taking care of the OMGPOP section forum.
to collaborate on planning of cups, competitions etc.
Working on protests, supports and leaguejoins.
Writing News
we are expecting a convincing application,in which you are elaborating on your personal motivation. Competent use of language and a length of about one A4-page are welcome.

For further questions in relation to the application or the job as an admin you can use the forum, the news comments or ask one of the OMGPOP- Admins. We are looking forward to get some interesting applications

Your Admin Team

tontaube, Saturday, 07/07/12 19:41
Admin Application
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i have new ideas for cups... wisper me!

GOGO need ADMIN, but nobody is better than KnuffiPuffi ;D
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slimer :P
"slimer" haha he got you :D Nevermind , go play booya guys ;D:DD:
Hey Guys,

I have a good School english!

Is this enough to be an admin?

Best Regards
Hey its me again :P

I have a little question!

When I get a response from my application? :)

Best Regards
ja nehmt mich... dann würde hier ma was los sein
I wait since, I thing 2mons for an answer... :(
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"Proficient language skills. (english)" !!!
Meybe Salas?;)
I am waiting for an answer :)
Good Luck to all the players applying for the job :)
jkN wrote:
"Proficient language skills. (english)" !!!

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