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A lot of time has passed since the release of Need for Speed Shift and quite a few matches have been played in the EU 1on1 Ladder but now as the game is getting older we decided that it's time for a few changes to keep the section alive and improve the quality of the races.
There have been many discussions whether or not it should be allowed to use cuts, which can give you a clear advantage on certain tracks. From now on we will not even need to consider this question anymore, as all of these tracks will be removed from the mappool.

This change will also reduce the total number of tracks in the ladder, so you won't have to practice as much anymore to be ready for the competition. There will be one new track added as well though, which is going to be Ambush Canyon, a track that has become very popular among the players in 2010.

So here is the updated mappool for the NFS Shift EU 1on1 ladder:

  • Ambush Canyon (5 laps)
  • Autopolis GP (5)
  • Brands Hatch GP (5)
  • Glendale East (5)
  • Laguna Seca (5)
  • London River (5)
  • Nordschleife (2)
  • Road America (5)

We hope that this change will lead to less protests and discussions between the players because of unfair play (as there is really no need for that at all) and also to an even bigger number of ladder matches in the future.

Of course the problem of intentional crashing will still remain and we might never be able to find a good rule to solve it but this should definitely be a step in the right direction, towards a fair competition in which the better racer will come out on top.
Paragleiber, Tuesday, 21/09/10 17:35
NFS Shift 1on1 EU Ladder
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