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Runes of Magic - Your chance to join the closed beta!
Runes of Magic is a free MMORPG dedicated to be the next big thing. To impede the rise of Demon Lord, you fight enormous creatures and face various challenging quests in the first chapter. Take your chance to grab a beta key and experience the versatile features before the game is actually been released!
Taborea, the game world of Runes of Magic, has been written as a book to create a simple and peaceful world. But today it boasts of myths and legends. Every region of the woundrous world is covered by baffling and cryptic traces of a time long gone. In the age of discovery online adventurers are now on their way to capture magical treasures and mystical relics. And you are among them!

Get your Runes of Magic Beta Key now!


Free2play: no monthly fees, free to download
Extensive dual class system with six primary classes and a selectable secondary class.
Versatile spell and attack combinations
Over 1.000 quests embedded in continuous storyline
Instanced and persistent dungeons
Dynamic item system: Upgrades with hundreds of runes
Epic crafting system with the chance to improve existing items
Ranking and reputation system: ranking lists
Mounts: Various and unique mounts
Housing from the beginning: personalization of houses with individual decoration
Guild houses in special zones
In-game map and radar system
Regular updates with new content, e.g. classes, races, game modes and much more

Soodi, Friday, 14/11/08 18:38
Runes of Magic - Homepage
comments (23)
It's a very nice game!
I play it very much. :)
good game
: /
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could anyone please send me a key if they have one that they didn't use?
I also need a key if you aren't using yours
Can any1 send me a key please
please send me a key


thanks ;))
Please send me a key so i can send other people keys too ty :)
Send a key fly heart. Thank you!

hey guys can u inv some 1 ?
falcon93@gmail.com please !!!
guys they can inv
each acc can inv exept the invtied xD
can i get invited or a key plz ive downloaded the game not knowing i need a key hehe plzz , EMAIL me my email is DanteBrando@yahoo.com thanks!!! ^^
guild211@gmail.com pls key pls invite key
Hey! Can someone invite me or send a beta key? Thanks ^_^ varadig21@freemail.hu
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Its my first time trying out this game but i need a beta key. If anyone can send me a key please email me on this Email....


It also is a instant messenger ^^
ohhh nincs már több?
pls send me the ROM key..
pls pls!

Hi, could someone send me a beta key please ?
I'd really apreceate it ...
My e mail is f.elichon@hotmail.com and it is an instant messenger as well,
thanks a lot
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