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EMS X TMNF: Semifinals *Updated*
After 7 Playdays in the groupstage, 4 teams made their way into the Playoffs, where they now have to fight for the big title. We can hope for some exciting and very close battles, showing which team is currently the best in the Competition scene!

VOD from BX3 vs Dignitas

First of all sorry for not posting any Relay/Stream informaion before the matches, but i unfortunately had a bike accident on Sunday afternoon, wherefore i landed in hospital where i couldn't get access to the internet before yesterday evening. Anyways, incase you missed the matches, you can at least check the match between BX3 vs. Team Dignitas as a VOD since r2k streamed that match. You can find the VOD here:

EMS X TMNF: Semifinals

Match & Date

Sunday, 19.00 CEST (+ 2on2 & Decider on Monday 20.00):
Team Acer TMNF vs. mythiX eSport
Relay by :

Monday, 19.00 CEST:
BX3 vs. Team Dignitas
Relay by :

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joey, Sunday, 01/07/12 11:59
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