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BitterdaM leave ESL TV
Today we announce the departure of our StarCraft II commentator team Kevin 'RotterdaM' van der Kooi and Ben 'MrBitter' Nichol.
The duo, best known together to the community as "BitterdaM", began their fulltime ESL careers at IEM Global Challenge Cologne and quickly gained a lot of fans worldwide through their casting of the Intel Extreme Masters, Go4SC2 Cups and shows like "Rotterdam University" and "Grass is Always Greener".

Ben and Kevin will now explore new ventures and we from ESL TV wish them best of luck. They will not be completely gone from ESL TV however, as we will continue to work with them at future events. We would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication over the past months, in which they managed to establish themselves as one of the most recognized caster-teams in the world of eSports.

The ESL TV StarCraft 2 caster chairs will not be vacant for long though, as we will announce our new commentators soon.
meth, Tuesday, 27/03/12 11:33
comments (33)
Such a good casting duo. They deserve so much respect for the effort they put in.
goodluck guys
Good luck but wonder why they leave though I mean esl and Bitterdam where both great ;x and i don't think any of both can get better.
oh god no this makes room for totalbiscuit in tourneys
That HAS TO be a joke! First of april not that much away...~~
i am so sad
mh lol
that means no more premium acc for me :/
sooooo sad :( but the number of weekly casts in the last months decreased so much that I already wonder how it goes on...
no rottie no premium
ESL TV just died
this is so sad :/
one more reason to cancel premium :\
OK no one can replace Rotti and mr.Bitter : (
hahah sucks to be you guys!, thanks god i ant a wizard harry!"
Nooooo! Quit Premium instant...
<3 Thanks for the great time guys, don't be sad, ESL will keep on rocking and so will Benni and me.
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Rotterdam full time pro now ;)?
ya, please, please no full biscuits. It's one thing to lose Rotty and Bitter, but that would be a tragedy. GL to them both!
bye bye Premium.
Hey there new Shows :D
gl for rotti and bitter !
Bye Premium. Goodluck Rotti.
So sad :( 1 year premium seems like a waste now...
GL to Rotti and Mr. Bitter (@ NASL and Razer Academy)!!!
Good luck in the future, guys!
cya bitterdam... was quite fun watching you - best sc2 commentators ever
Damn this is sad news :-( I was looking at my calender and checked if it was 1st of April already, but unfortunately it's not.

I was Platinum Member of Giga 2 and ESL TV Premium subscriber eversince... I won't change that now. HSC + IEM in HD alone justify the price, even if you don't watch any weekly shows.

6 IEM + 2 HSC per year = 8 events for 36€ per year -> 4,5€ for HD per event; which is less than buying the HD pass everytime...
Hmm, sort of sad. gl at nasl (rly bad league tho). Rotti and Demuslim were my favourite esl-sc-2-duett so far, while rotti+bitter fell off the in the last months - not sure if the two are the best combination anymore tbh ;)

Hoping for good replacements :P Not sure if i like the "they'll be back for certain events" policy of ESL.TV, too - I'd like to see Rotti again, on the other hand ESL should just find a new (maybe: better) caster duo and give them all there love, not just half of it ;)

@those "quitting premium" - there have been great(er) caster duos in the past, and there will be even more in the future. i.e. Nick 'Vince' Adams and Alex 'Madfrog' Albrecht (my favourites, tho in CS 1.5/6), there has been a fabulous Jens Hilgers in wc3-roc and duos like Frogbender+TheKoenna (<3 entertaining as hell) and Take+FiLLy (ya.. oh well...^^) in wc3-tft. Nothing to worry here :)
tschö with ö
I honestly thought when a company allows you to get utterly wasted and behave absolutely inappropriate on camera, still fully supporting you and every bullshit move you pull off, that would create some sense of belonging and loyalty... guess I was wrong.

Glad to see others outside the EU recognise the awesomeness of BitterdaM, but I'd lie if I said I wouldn't have lost a whole lot of respect for both of them because of this.

Who knows though, maybe dApollo will be filling one of the vacant caster positions? That would be sweet.
hard to read.
go go go BiterdaM we will follow you!
BitterdaM ftw! Let's see what new commentators are casting the epic starcraft games :D
fck this :[
btw gl
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