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[Official Team seeks Player]
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I assume this is a forum for Official Teams to Recruit Players, if not please delete.

My names Kizo and I am from an up and coming competitive clan called Tactical Gaming. We have roughly 6 Regular Players that have played together all last season on Call Of Duty Black Ops.

Last Season as it was our first we played mainly on Clan Base, our list of achievements can be found here


We are also currently 1st in TDM ladder and unbeaten and top 5 in CTF ladder.

This season on Modern Warfare 3. We are hoping to do even better and wish to compete on this site aswell but in order to do so we will need to stregthen our squad. We train 4 times a week for 1 - 2 hour periods on top of playing outside of training times. If you wish to have more information or want helping joining tactical gaming. Please message me on steam. My steam is kizo9.
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4nothing AMD Old School from 4Nothing Professional Gaming searches 2 players, for ESL Ladder and Cups. At the moment playing CoD:BO also on Clanbase Premier League Open Cup Fall 2011

Also for the next gametitle coming out soon in november, MW3 . We want to be a TOP team with a fixed lineup!!!

- Med++ or bether...
- Good I-net connection with running PC
- Lots of time during the week
- Discipline in PCW and ESL matches
- Mature behaivor on our teamspeak and other teamspeaks, your representing 4Nothing Professional Gaming!

We can offer our teamplayers:
- A lot of Warservers
- Good teamspeak and Mumble server
- Premium if your trusted
- Weekly pcw's ESL-wars etc..
- Training, tactics etc..
- Lots of nice skilled people to play with
- Lots of fun xD
- Good Management

So if you think your up to it and want to play a lot of time with people coming over whole of Europe. Contact me on Steam: NoobVerdammter or ESL-Msg with a little bit of history or motivation.


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Aureus Evolution is an international gaming team existing since 2007.
We currently seeking team members for mw3.

The Team: http://www.esl.eu/eu/#/eu/team/5369444/

Terms of Condition:

- activity
- loyality
- skill (mid skill or +)
- a mature behaviour towards team mates and other teams
- teamspeak 3
- fluent english
- cognitive abilities

Special abilities we are looking for:

- graphic skills
- programming skills

We offer:

- an active team
- a nice and friendly ambience
- a mid skilled team
- a lot of fun in teamspeak
- serious behaviour when it up to wars
- an own teamspeak 3 server

We are looking for forward to your requests!

Best regards,

razR HAWK '
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New team searching for dedicated and skillfull players!

The team is to be announced but is at this present time searching for 4-5 skillfull players to join the team.

This team will focus on playing very active in the competitive scene of modern warefear 3. This will mean alot of dedication from all the players in the team and that is why we only search for people that are strongly dedicated to push the goals we have for this team and to reach success. 

We will play very active in future cups and ladders and we will always have the mindset of reaching the top. 

What we search for:
- Players with alot of focus/dedication to the team and game.
- Players with the right skill (med+ and higher) - Important
- Players with a mature personality. 
- In the ages of 18 and over.
- Players that played other competitive games before (COD, CSS, TF2 etc) - Preferable
- Players with a good english vocabulary - Important
- Players that are friendly and non ragers/flamers.
- Players with high goals.
- Players with all the standard things in hand (good i-net, good headset etc.)
- Players that are lanable - Preferable

What the team offers:
- Alot of experience.
- A friendly environment
- Alot of pcws/ladder games/cup games.
- A stable and mature team with good management.
- A mumble server for fast communication.
- Warservers to play on.
- A team that will invest alot of time with every individual player.
- A team that reaches for the top.

Read and make you'r mind up!

@ Add denne575 on steam to talk about recruitment

Thank you!
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Hello, my name is Fearless and I am here searching for someplayers (2 or more) for my team, Cold Energy Gaming. We have 5 players who played together for almost a year now on the Modern Warfare 2 scene and wereached the top of some of the ladders with our old team, "Showtime".

Our Achievements with "Showtime":

•ESL 3v3 Search & Destroy Best Rank #1
•ESL 5V5 Search & Destroy Best Rank #2
•ESL 3V3 Search & Destroy Hardcore Best Rank #2
•Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Search & Destroy 5on5Weekly #23 Back to Basic - Winners!

 What we can offer you as part of our team:

• A great team environment to be in
• A Teamspeak server
• A Game server for matches on MW3 (Looking into this andshould be possible if the price is right)
• And lastly, fun gaming and hopefully a few new friends!

What we require from you as a player:

• Be a team player
• Have some competitive experience on the gaming scene
• Be fluent in the English language (Or at leastunderstandable for all)
• Be mature

To apply, contact me via Steam or through Private messaginghere on the ESL website.

Steam ID  -chewbaccaa1
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I am the game deputy of MW3 here at =CKS= Gaming and we strive to a provide fun, fair and friendly environment for our online multi-gaming community to play on and enjoy. With our zero tollerance policy to hacking of any kind our members have the freedom to come together to share experience, tactics and most of all to play the games they enjoy hassle free. We have been around since 2004 back when we played BHD so we are a well established gaming community. We also have a competive side of gaming and are part of the Eurodomination League where we play both hardcore and softcore matches.

For Modern Warfare we got only one server running atm and will soon be starting to play competitve matches when we have a core team sorted. , battlefield 3 alone we are running 3 x 64 Man Servers. We also currently have servers for Call of Duty Black Ops and Minecraft. As well as having core member groups for LoL, WoW and looking into the future expanding into D3, SWTOR and many more. 



Most all want to have fun!
Teamspeak 3 + Mic
Mature, Friendly & Teamplayer
Active Gamer
No hacking history

Join Us today! CKS-Gaming taking PC gaming to the next level!
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Hallo Community,

Wir (TEAM dynamiX.) suchen noch 2 akktive und nette Mitspieler.


Ist ein neues Team das in MW3 etwas erreichen will, daher suchen wir noch 2 akktive und nette Mitspieler die uns auf diesem Weg begleiten. Wir sind ein Team das sich schon etwas länger kennt und sind eine sehr freundliche truppe.

Wer interessiert daran ist meldet sich bitte bei :

dynamiX. mauricee (steamaddy: crymeee)
dynamiX. Snowie (steamaddy: snowie19)
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Diamond-gaming search players who support our Competition Team!

About Diamond-Gaming:
Diamond Gaming is an international team consisting of highly competitive players from Europe . Diamond Gaming is a new team who aim high . Being a team since November 2011 Diamond Gaming established a team to play the the game at a competitive level. 

Who we search:
-Age: 18+
-activity: appear at trains and Teamspeak
-Skill: Mid to High
-Another communication possibility
-No negative behavior
-Language: English or Dutch

What we can offer:
-Qualified and hard working Management Team
-Serious homepage http://diamond-gaming.com/
-participation at many cups and events
-and many many more
- Esl team link : http://www.esl.eu/eu/team/6350049#

If you are interested, contact us !
-Homepage: www.diamond-gaming.com
-eMail: joel88@live.nl
-msn: joel88@live.nl
-Xfire: nrg1988
-steam : noobster1988
We looking forward to get your applications!

Joel "nrg" Dinkelman
Team Leader Diamond-gaming
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Illusion Gaming seeking 2-3 Scandinavian players (Norwegian would be preferable, but Danish and Swedish will be fine aswell).

We are:
 a new team, aiming for the skies. Currently norwegian based, but we want to be a scandinavian team. We are high skilled.
Personally i have been among the best in europe in both Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty Black Ops.

We seek (from you):
 - high skilled players (as far as one can consider)
 - atleast 16 years old
 - Mic, good headset (a good soundcard would be nice aswell)
 - Friendly, polite
 - Disiplinated (may come after experience)
 - If you have past COD clan experience that would be preferable
 - Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
 - Activity (So far the 3 of us are have Math (high grade), physics and chemistry as our majors so we might be alitle busy but i don't think that would come in the way)

If you feel like this might be you described above, please contact:

Steam/xfire: 007hoas

God bless!
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We're a new multigaming community and hopes to find as many members as possible.
Go to our website and check it out. If you want to create a team for a game, tell me.

- Complete our application (http://nb-gaming.net/application)
- Must be mature and 16+ (Exceptions made for mature younger players)
- Able to work as a team and compete together as a unit.
- Must play one of the games we play
- Must be able to communicate in [ English ] with a working microphone and [ Mumble ] (With some exceptions)

Thank you for your time and we I wish you the best.

For Questions please Email us at duredax@hotmail.se

Website: Nb-gaming.net

Leader: Duredax
Head Officer: Thom

Means of Contact:
Email: duredax@hotmail.com
Skype: patrick.10234
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Hey, I search for skilled scandinavian players... add me on steam: thomaskarlsson93
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Team4nothing "T4N" is recruiting new members for our EU Sponsored/Competitive Team.

We are specifically looking for members who are:

 High + with the exception of some off days

► Can speak english and communicate easily with other team members

 Are over the age of 17 

(If you are 16 - 17 and responsible and lanable and have the skills that's needed we may look the other way, but no children will be accepted for membership.)

► Can attend training and war sessions +4 nights a week from 21:00 CET

What we offer

►  Team Membership and room for e-sports career expansion

►  1 Match server 

►  1 Teamspeak server 

 Possibility of obtaining great promotional products from our sponsors depending on your level of acheivements and future plans as a competitive gamer, we have good people backing us up and can handle all of our needs as they develop.(lans, competitions,product support etc. 

That being said, we are also aware of players skipping from team to team trying to obtain free gear and if that is you, this isn't the team for you. We provide our members with state of the art support from mice to monitors;  Seniority, skill, determination and the will play a major role on our team are key components in obtaining our full sponsorship. 

We are searching for dedicated semi-professional players looking to expand their careers, not people looking for a free ride

► We also host many other gameservers and are affiliated with some of the biggest clans worldwide 

All people who are interested can contact me "inyourmind" (Team Captain) for enlistment to the Team.  


     ► inyourmind1993

Remember all 4not team members must behave and act accordingly on a professional level, and have a competitive drive and the will to play extensive hours developing team chemistry. and strategic analysis is a part of that. 

You can check out our temporary site, falsh development is currently in progress and will take some time. 


Your reputation will be on the line at all times on our team, only the best of the best will represent our name. We are here to win. 


Part Owner
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Germans only!!!

We Own You "[WoU]" rekrutiert neue Member für die esl.

Vorne weg der clan ist noch im Aufbau!

Wir suchen  nach:

aktive/nette/spaßige Member

- skill: mid - high

- über 16

Wir bringen auf:

- einen Team-speak 3 server

- einen Server(ist in arbeit)

- eine Homepage(ebenso in arbeit)

Wir haben schon esl Erfahrung unsere best Platzierung war Platz 6 in der 3on3 All in One ladder von MW2.Zum Teil spielen wir seit 2 Jahre zusammen, daher ist uns Teamplay  heilig.

Außerdem gibt es Trainingszeiten, die wir allerdings noch absprechen werden.

Ihr könnt mich unter dem Steam add Firetes adden.
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First of all I want to say that I helped me a translator on the internet to post this ad.

I'm looking for players assigns over 18 years, with good experience on the old CoD, have a minimum availability of five nights a week, able to speak English for a minimum information in game.
Your resume will be asking you if you're interested ...

I plan to mount a European team to participate in different cups ESL Clan Base and see more ...
The ambitions of the team, EAS (first season?) And see if it grows on ESL.

For the first time I try to motivate the players to advance in the esport MW3 to eventually reach multigamingknown in the EU scene ...

Please contact me by STEAM: lye936 or post ESL ...

Sincerely lye da weed!
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Morjesta suomalaiset MW3 pelaajat!

synteK Gaming etsii kahta (2) pelaajaa tiimiinsä. Syntek on yhdistelmäjoukkue Paranoia eSports ja advC. klaanin suomalaisista pelaajista, jotka ovat pelanneet menestyksekkäästi Call of Duty: Black Opsin ja Modern Warfare 2 puolella.

Etsimme taidoiltaan Med+ / High pelaajia, jotka omaavat hyvät kommunikointi ja pelitaidot. Teamspeak on pakollinen.

Klaanillamme on oma teamspeak- sekä peliserveri, runsaasti kokemusta huipputasolla pelaamisesta ja loistava mahdollisuus kavuta hyvin korkealle MW3 kilpapelaamisessa.  

Sinun tulee olla aktiivinen, avoin, vaativa ja hyvät tiimipelitaidot omaava. Kokemusta edellisistä COD peleistä competetive tasolla rutkasti hyötyä. Jos tunnistat itsesi, otahan yhteyttä steamin puolella.

Steam: Ch4osforc3

synteK Gaming Will 
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Beware! This advertisement is in Dutch as we are looking for players from The Netherlands only

AT Gaming- Team SixStars
Wij van team AT Gaming - Team SixStars zijn opzoek naar een 6e speler om onze line-up aan te vullen. Het team is in 2009 gevormd en bestaat uit NmeLineZ, Wade, LaKai, Fallen^angl en Fice. Het team heeft lange tijd meegedraaid in de top van de scene van Modern Warfare 2. Zo heeft het team enkele maanden lang de Clanbase 5v5 SD ladder aangevoerd. Daarnaast heeft SixStars drie maal op rij de Modern Warfare 2 compo van The Reality LAN gewonnen. Inmiddels is het team onderdeel geworden van de organisatie AT Gaming. Een zeer stabiele organisatie die ingeschreven staat bij de Kamer van Koophandel als e-Sportsvereniging.

Wat zoeken wij?
Nog niet afgeschrikt van dit verhaal? Dan volgt hier waar wij naar zoeken:
- Liefst 20 jaar of ouder. (18+ minimaal)
- Ruime game-ervaring (Liefst ervaring in voorgaande Call of Duty's).
- Teamspeak 3 etc. Standaard riedeltje...
- Ruime beschikbaarheid (2 a 3 avonden per week).
- Laidback mentaliteit.
- Wil om te winnen en de beste willen zijn.
- Geen clanhoppers.
- LANable!
- Med+ skill

Steam only:
LaKai - wehavemalfunction
Fice - kirdneh89

quote ] 
Team Total Gaming searching dedicated players!

Searching 1-2 high skilled players.
We are in the need of a sniper/scope!

# Active and very dedicated
# High skilled
# Competitive experience from other games (COD4, CSS, TF2 etc.) - Preferable
# Speaks english fluidly
# 18+ (lower if proven good enough!)
# Mature behavior
# No flame

# Active and friendly team
# True dedication with ALOT of pcws/wars/cups and more. 
# Mumble server for communication
# Dedicated War server for scrims
# Team website
# Experience


MEEDKITS on Steam. 

quote ] 

Der Full-Metal-Jacket-Clan sucht zur Unterstützung, Mitgestaltung und Neuorganisation engagierte Spieler, die Spaß an einer tollen Gemeinschaft im Multigaming-Bereich haben!

Wir suchen für unser MW 3-Squad Member, die Spaß daran haben, in einer gut funktionierenden Clan-Gemeinschaft nach vorne zu kommen und etwas bewegen wollen.  


-   Verstärkung unseres Squads im Fun-Gaming und ESL
-   Mitarbeit im Clan, sowohl intern als auch extern (Gästebuchbetreuung, Clanwerbung, Clan-Leader/Co-Leader für neue Sqauds, usw. vieles ist möglich, aber kein Muss)
-   Aufbau des Battlefield 3-Squads
-   Die Gemeinschaft wachsen lassen

Das bieten wir Dir:
-   Eine durchorganisierte Clan-Struktur
-   Kostenlose Mitgliedschaft
-   Game-Server für alle Games die wir führen
-   Teamspeak3-Server
-   Die Möglichkeit, sich über die normale Spielertätigkeit hinaus im Clan zu engagieren

Was wir von Dir erwarten:

-   Zuverlässigkeit. Wir brauchen niemanden, der nur redet, sondern auch Taten folgen lässt
-   Respekt. Du willst respektiert werden. Wir auch. Das gleiche gilt für fremde Spieler aufunseren Servern. Sei nett zu den Leuten, dann werden sie auch nett zu Dir sein.
-   Spaß daran, etwas mit uns bewegen zu wollen. Du brauchst kein Profi oder Progamer aus der ESL sein, aber Du solltest Spaß daran haben.
-   Teilnahme am Clan-Leben! Jeder hat ein RL, aber hin und wieder wollen auch wir was von Dir haben ;-)
-   Identifizierung mit dem Clan!

Die Mitgliedschaft ist grundsätzlich kostenlos. Es ist aber jederzeit möglich einen freiwilligen Beitrag als Clan-Beitrag zu zahlen. Die Vorteile für Euch dadurch: Ihr bekommt uneingeschränkten Zugang zu den Tools unserer Game-Server und werdet Server-Admin im Teamspeak. 
Falls Du Fragen hast schicke einfach eine e-mail an info@fmj-esports.com oder besuche unsere Homepage und fülle unser Join-Us Formular aus (www.fmj-esports.com)   

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!
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Il team SNAP! cerca 1-2 players med high skill , da inserire nel team .


si richiede :
- med,high skill
- esperienza di gioco
- voglia di lavorare
- fedeltà

cosa offriamo  :
- teamspeak
- server dedicato
- gia affermati su codBO esl 3° posto ITA e clanbase OC 3° posto EU
- compagnia dedita al divertimento

contatti :

steam - " _pat "

quote ] 
What's with all the non-English posts? Isn't this English only?
At least try to do an effort in English ;)
quote ] 
Hallo Community,

 Wir (TEAM keptc' ) suchen noch 2 akktive und nette Mitspieler.


Ist ein neues Team das in MW3 etwas erreichen will, daher suchen wir noch 2 akktive und nette Mitspieler die uns auf diesem Weg begleiten. Wir sind ein Team das sich schon etwas länger kennt und sind eine sehr freundliche truppe.

Wer interessiert daran ist meldet sich bitte bei :

 keptc' mauricee (steamaddy: crymeee)
 keptc' Snowie (steamaddy: snowie19)
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quote ] 
Genia wrote:
What's with all the non-English posts? Isn't this English only?
At least try to do an effort in English ;)

If clan is recruiting only players from their own nation, it would be stupid to post in English instead of own language, aye?

quote ] 
Will wrote:
If clan is recruiting only players from their own nation, it would be stupid to post in English instead of own language, aye?


Don't wanna be an ass but: http://www.esl.eu/eu/#/eu/mw3/forum/2683/25274/936491
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