Most Matches Competition - June
Are you an active player or team here in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 section? Every month we reward the most active player or team through the Most Matches Competition. Find out which ladder will be used this month! All you need to do is play matches in the selected ladder, if you are the most active player or team, you win!

Most Matches Competition - June

This month's ladder:

Time period:
01 - 30th June 2012

May Winner

In month May the winning team had 9 played matches. Congratulations!
Search & Destroy 2on2 Ladder

In Memory Of Sense Of Time

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How can I play CoD:MW3?

All you need to play in CoD:MW3 cups and VERSUS is an ESL player account. Read here to get more information about creating an account at ESL! Your SteamID MW3 you get this way.

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johNNy, Friday, 01/06/12 22:05
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Lol i see it now xD
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U can give next mont key to me :)
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