MW3 Midweek Madness Final Cup
After four weeks of playing matches on Wednesday evenings, it's finally time for four best teams from each week to battle it out and become Midweek Madness May ultimate winners.

The activity and the amount of interested teams was lower than we expected, however it is safe to say Midweek Madness was a successful series of cups on Wednesday evening that brought joy and fun to over 50 teams participating.
Now it is finally the time for the best of the best to battle it out in one last Midweek Madness cup which is going to be held on Wednesday 06/06/12 20:00 CEST.

The teams are going to be randomly paired with their opponents as they were in week they finished in top 4 and deserved a place in this final cup.


Week 1Week 2
FreeSlot CEFO Old
suzaku fanboys o.O in memory of BANHAMMER
HEROES 5 Down eSports
Phemax Telos Clan Powered by eGear

Week 3Week 4
DYNAMIX COD:MW3 in memory of dotpiXels CoD
CKS CoD:BO2 Team Blue Elph MW3
Legendary Forces CoD ANADROX Multigaming
ProeliuM old school In Memory of Unrated Gaming

Midweek Madness Final Cup
Mode Single Elimination B01
Participants 32 teams
Matchdates 1. Round Wednesday 06/06/12 20:00 CET
2. Round Wednesday 06/06/12 20:45 CET
3. Round Wednesday 06/06/12 21:30 CET
4. Round Wednesday 06/06/12 22:15 CET
Challenges Matchdate is not movable.
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As you might have noticed, there is still one slot open for the final cup since Midweek Madness #1 winners have decided not to play the final cup. If you want your team to play, even though you haven't qualified through any Midweek Madness cups you can apply your team by creating a support ticket. If you have good results on our previous cups as well as ladders, we might add you as that one extra team.


1st Place: 5x3 Months ESL Premium
2nd Place: 5x2 Months ESL Premium
3rd Place: 5x1 Months ESL Premium

The ESL admin team would like to wish all participants the best of luck!
johNNy, Thursday, 31/05/12 01:48
Apply your team!
Tournament Tree
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let the best mad team win
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