Winter League: Final Ranking
After months of playing Winter League 2011/2012, we are proud to announce it's finally been finished. After 128 teams battling their way through 16 groups and 32 slots playoff, we now have final 3 teams!
Unfortunately, we have had high amount of protests, cheater reports and noshows in this league but all of these fine teams deserved their place in the finals.

Prizes & Award

The first place gets this gold special Winter Cup Winner award alongside premium account. Don't worry, teams that take second and third spot won't leave empty handed!

1st Place: 5x3 Months ESL Premium
2nd Place: 5x2 Months ESL Premium
3rd Place: 5x1 Months ESL Premium
To request premium, open support ticket

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johNNy, Sunday, 15/04/12 12:37
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