MW3 VERSUS with prizes!
Just as promised, because of the huge success of the last VERSUS goes crazy, we are back again on this Sunday. On December 11th we will let VERSUS loose again and have a good time with some fun actions and cool prizes. We are really looking forward to this fun day and hope to see all of you joining us when VERSUS goes crazy reaches the next level!
During the week we finally released the first ladders in Modern Warfare 3. Before we announce a bunch of cups you can play next week we take a closer look at VERSUS and offer some nice prizes on sunday! Get a short overview about VS. and start playing.

XP Boost

Every match you play contributes to your ESL level, including our newest matchmaking system VERSUS. Every single VERSUS you play gives you 100 XP whether you won, lost or draw. This Sunday you will get double, so you earn 200 XP per match you play. Take this chance to boost your ESL Level!

Prize raffles this Sunday

For all ESL Premium members that play 10+ matches this Sunday (between 00:00am and midnight CET) we will raffle a Roccat Kulo Headset worth 50€.
All players that play some matches but less than 10 will still be eligible for some other prizes. Depending on the number of matches and your ESL Premium status, you could win mousepads, shirts and ESL Premium. Take a look:

1+ Match: One of 50 Premium Keys for 1 month
5+ Matches: One of 3 ESL T-Shirts
5+ Matches with Premium: One of 5 Roccat Sota mousepads in blue.
10+ Matches with Premium: Roccat Kulo Headset

Additionally we will give away two ESL mousepads in the upcoming "ticker" news on Sunday, telling you the action going on as it happens.


How can I play CoD:MW3?

All you need to play in CoD:MW3 cups and VERSUS is an ESL player account. Read here to get more information about creating an account at ESL! Your SteamID MW3 you get this way.

Do you like what you see? Join our special Clan Listing to show that you and your team are ready to fight on the new war zones in Modern Warfare 3 !

Your Admin team
foras, Saturday, 10/12/11 00:00
MW3 with first ladders!
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So i only need to play 10 matches on sunday? with my premium. and i have a new headset?

If 20 Versus... Chance doubled?
greedy :)
it's a raffel tony :P
Clinton05x wrote:
it's a raffel tony :P

it's a raffle tony, NICE ENGLISH BRO.
what u do here with that prizes is a good job for that cheaters who play dirty this game !
Nobody answer or looks on that feedback , nobody cares about this , they play only for increase the LVL from profile and win if this is posible this prizes.
sry for bad English but take a look !
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