VERSUS 1.0 & The N00b
Six months ago VERSUS saw the light of the day, when the open beta was started. Since then VERSUS was consistently enhanced, optimized, improved and is the most active matchmaking system within the ESL by now. It is about time to end the beta test. Our new matchmaking system VERSUS was officially launched at 28th of November.
With just two clicks you can find new friends and opponents to compete with and play against. Individual rankings will keep track of your wins and losses. ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is, of course, integrated, and will guarantee for a fun and fair playing environment for all! Less rules, less clicks, more matches and fun for all!

How to handle 3 big disappointments

What's the worst thing that can happen while playing online games? Players leaving, entering the wrong result or spamming, team killing or ruining the game in any other way would definitely make it to the front places in a top ten. These topics are handled by VERSUS but still need your help. We would like to give you these three articles about features on VERSUS at hand to improve your gaming experience.

How2VERSUS #1 Reporting players: Reporting players: How to get rid of troublemakers
How2VERSUS #2 Veto: Veto: How to get your result corrected the quickest
How2VERSUS #3 Leavers: Leavers: Your marking to rule them all

If you wish to find out more about VERSUS check out the following links:

Warmup Season
From Scratch to v1.0
Veto: Tips & Tricks

To boost your wish for playing MW3 in VERSUS we want to show you this great trailer starring one of the biggest Hollywood stars at the moment - Jonah Hill.


Opening Cup information

Please recheck your participation in cup as some teams have been deleted due to small league joins problems we have experienced. Participating teams can be seen Here.

How can I play CoD:MW3?

All you need to play in CoD:MW3 cups and VERSUS is an ESL player account. Read here to get more information about creating an account at ESL!

Do you like what you see? Join our special Clan Listing to show that you and your team are ready to fight on the new war zones in Modern Warfare 3 !

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