Global Admins VS Users!
You're not satisfied with an admin's decision? You think you got unfair penalties? Here's your chance for revanche! This time globally against EU, CIS, GER and consoles.net!
Feel free to use the public ESL Teamspeak (ts.tedc.de:10279) and join the official ESL CoD-Community to coordinate the matches during the event.

Mode and Cloud

Well, obviously its the european 5v5 SD VS Cloud.

Date and time

The event will start on Sunday, 09/09/2012 12:00 CET.

Random facts

As said above the adminteam will also join the teamspeak to play with or against the community. Therefor since its a global event not only Staff Europe is present.

The following sections will join us for some (hopefully) fair matches:

Staff Germany: GER-Admin-Team MW3
Staff CIS: CIS-Admin-Team MW3
Consoles.Staff MW3: GER-Admin-Team MW3 Consoles.net (on their platforms)

XP Boost

Every match gives you additional XP on your gamelevel. Normally every match will bring you 100xp. During the event every match will count as 200xp! The xp boost will be activated around 12:00 CET.


Need some new clothes?

So what do you get besides the additional XP and a lot of fun? Well, we have a bunch of shirts which might be yours if you are willing to play!
(Design of the shirt might be diffrent)

Every player with more than 10 matches has the chance to win a shirt. The winners will be announced via news a bunch of days later!

Your Admin team

Face, Friday, 31/08/12 11:50
comments (5)
Good luck to everyone!
and WHEN does the event take place? couldnt find ANY date in the news
all day :)
Date and time
The event will start on Sunday, 09/09/2012 12:00 CET.

u added it now...so nvm
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