Unfair Ladder Rules
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I have to say something.
Please change ladder rules,
Look that ladder.
Smizje is 1st and he never plays vs. good players.
I mean top10 emoticon-grin
I challenged him 1week ago when i was 6th.
He deleted my challenge and he doesnt have pps.
I create matchmakers everyday and winning vs. players but .
There is problem always max +15 point.
That guy keeps 1st in that ladder .
Because he reject challenges vs. good players.
Please do something about it,it isnt fair.
Well, no need to lie in here.

I checked the match you are talking about and you challenged around 0400 in the morning, right? And now the important part - not he cancelled - you did (around 2000 at the next day). So why should we give a single PP for that?

Also everyone is free to decide whether he accepts a challenge or not, aye?

Anyway - the forum is the wrong place - if you find a bug open a support ticket and we check the case...


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