gamed!de provides server for MW3 in VERSUS
Every once in a while it'll happen that players in MW3 VERSUS unavailingly try to find a match, but won't get a match due to a missing gameserver. To change this condition our partner gamed!de is willing to jump in and provide the MW3 VERSUS community with 5 gameserver from their range of products.

gamed!de provides gameserver for VERSUS

For everyone to be able to fully benefit from the exciting experience VERSUS offers towards MW3 players our partner gamed!de wants to provide 5 gameserver for the most active VERSUS players.

How does it work?

We will contact (via ESL message) the most active VERSUS players amongst you with access data to the MW3 gameservers provided by gamed!de, to be able to play VERSUS on these. We will rotate the access to these servers on a weekly basis, although we will have a close look if and how the servers are being used. In case users abuse the given privilege, we will surely switch things up right away and give the access to people who act more responsible. We might also grant people access to the server for longer periods if they use these servers to fully serve the welfare of the MW3 VERSUS community.

MW3 Gameserver powered by gamed!de

You want to have your own MW3 gameserver? Check out gamed!de where you can get your own Call of Duty: MW3 Dedicated Server for only 9,99 € per month.

Yours Admin Team
David, Wednesday, 09/05/12 17:22
MW3 Gameserver powered by gamed!de
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good job very nice idea :)
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