MW3 VERSUS: Most points competition & XP boost
We already announced that we want to start another competition after the Most Matches Competition and today is the day of the announcement. We will run a small race from 27.05.2012 until 03.06.2012 to see who gets the most points and will have a chance of winning an ESL Royal T-Shirt (black). Besides that we have a XP Boost during that time for you.

How does the competition work?

It is pretty simple. The player with the most points during 27.05.2012 and 03.06.2012 will get chance of winning an ESL Royal T-Shirt in black. But there is not only one chance to be a part in the raffle, there are at least three, because every game mode counts separate.

The player with the most points in 5vs5 S&D, 3vs3 S&D or 3vs3 TDM will be part of the raffle, so if you are the player with the most points in more than one game mode you have better chances of winning.

And remember as an ESL Premium member you will get more points (plus 10%) for every match in VERSUS. So you have the best chances of winning the T-Shirt, when you are active in more than one game mode and when you are a Premium member.

We wish all players the best of luck and have fun playing Modern Warfare 3 in VERSUS.

Your Adminteam
David, Wednesday, 30/05/12 11:33
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