MW3: Admins Wanted
The Electronic Sports League needs you! To further advance our player relation partnership we have some positions available within our Electronic Sports League Call of Duty MW3 Staff.
Still interested? Read through our available positions and if you feel you fit a certain job, you see the Job Description and see the Requirements below.

Call of Duty MW3

Admins with ideas are what we need in this section! Aside from the task of plotting new methods to bring Call of Duty MW3 to as many people as possible, admins will be required to undertake the role as League Admins. With big things in the works for the European scene we need some of the most Professional Admins to help with the planning and operation of this Section.

► Requirements

1. In order to maintain standards of maturity and acceptable levels of education, we require that all applicants be over the age of 18.

2. We require all of our admins to fully understand every part of the game they play, and also the internet gaming scene attached to it.

3. Activity is always an issue with our Call of Duty MW3 Admin Team. We desperately need admins who are willing to devote large chunks of their time to the successful running of our league.

What do the ESL Admins actually do?!

The job of an ESL Admin is not one for the part-timer. Great commitment is required.

All applications to join each ladder, league or tournament is moderated by an admin and must be accepted or rejected depending upon the rules. When, for some leagues, there can be nearly 50 applications a day, this job is time consuming.

Official matches often lead to arguments and, on the ESL Website, these disputes can be written down using our Protest Ticket system. Admins are responsible for providing a fast response and are in charge of finding a solution to the problems which have arisen. ESL Admins are also required to provide support to ESL users both by answering Support Tickets and by helping in IRC.

Further jobs are also available for more experienced admins including Leading a Game Division or National Division.

► Benefits

The Electronic Sports League is Europe's largest e-Sports league. By being an admin for its many leagues, you become a respected member of the gaming community and often gain the chance to meet and speak with professional gamers.

Each ESL Admin receives a free ESL Premium Account and their own '@staff.esl.eu' mail forwarding address. After 3 months of service, admins are also offered POP3 mail accounts and ESL IRC Bouncers, all free of charge.

Admins are often the ones to be informed first of any new features to the website and are often able to use them before they become available to the public. Also, admins are offered the chance to have their ideas brought to life by suggesting improvements that could be made to the Electronic Sports League.

► Application Information

Applications will only be accepted if they are submitted in good English and via the Admin Application Form.

When filling out the form, it is best to write as much as you can think of and attempt to give as good and factual account of yourself. Details of current or previous admining posts should also be included containing dates where possible.

Use this tips to improve your application and chances of being accepted.

We aim to answer all Admin Applications within two weeks. Should these two weeks of passed, please fill out the Support Form and we will aim to process your application as quickly as possible.

It should be noted before filling out the form that the majority of admins for the Electronic Sports League are not paid for their work and is done on a purely voluntary basis.

Fill out the form before it's too late!

Should you have any further questions regarding any issue of the Electronic Sports League, please fill out the Support Form and an admin will get in contact with you to solve your problem.

We look forward to reading your applications and hope some of you will be soon to join the family that is the Electronic Sports League Admin Team.

Your Admin team

johNNy, Wednesday, 29/02/12 17:59
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Application tips
comments (8)
gl :)
mb ask the ppl who already applied in the closer past..?
there weren't any good applications :(
johnny best admin ever
Applied long time ago.. never received an answer. Cool.
We defo need some new admin as the one present at the moment are just taking more time talking about yes/no for acr than organizing cups .

Still no huge tournament on mw3 after a great 256 teams for the released and opening cup. Looks like they are doing everything they can to make that game dead .
Can't agree more. I applied though.
Like I think more people did. I just hope they get some in very very soon. Otherwise this game can start digging it's own grave. For example: still haven an open protest from 13/1/12. That's 2 months ago.

But they had time to make a news post to get people to apply. So I assume that people are getting answers on their applies pretty fast aswell.

Definetly gonna need some admins asap.
KARKO wrote:
Still no huge tournament on mw3 after a great 256 teams for the released and opening cup. Looks like they are doing everything they can to make that game dead .

Please don't talk nonsense without any proper reason.
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