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Hello, since i didnt see anyone doing something similar, i have created the server configuration with all the restrictions ESL team imposed at MW3 Release Cup Rules

- Only allowed weapons are available
Custom classes not respecting the restrictions will have a grey skull nearby

- Game setup is the same as in the rules screenshot

- Default classes are
However you can change them if you dont like it, and of course custom     classes are available anyway. 

-Installation and Loading

--Player Host 
 Go to
<steam directory>\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 3\admin
and copy the file there.
Now open MW3, click Play > Private Match > Game Setup and look at the bottom left corner of your screen. Select "Load recipe from disk" and select ESL_Rules. That's it, now you are ready to invite mates/opponents on your lobby and start the war

--Dedicated Server
I didnt rent a server yet, but i suppose directory structure is the same.
Copy the file to admin folder then edit the file default.dspl
at the bottom you should find a line with
// Selection is weighted random (higher weights increase selection chance)
delete all lines after that and add
Now restart the server ( also a map_rotate could work ) and it will load a random map with ESL_Rules recipe. Thats it, now your server is ready for war!

Download file here

I really hope i helped some of you with this little guide, also i wait a check/approval from any ESL Admin.

I checked the file and ran tests like 20 times, if theres still any error pls tell me and i will provide a correction asap.

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the official config file is downloadable from the Release Cup News page
Server Setting Section


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I think i missed some news then emoticon-smile
Well, i worked for nothing...but im happy anyway emoticon-tongue
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zHwK wrote:
I think i missed some news then emoticon-smile
Well, i worked for nothing...but im happy anyway emoticon-tongue

lol, a good way to have fun emoticon-grin
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can't finde my "admin" ?
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The File isn't hosted anymore. Any help for a new larker at setting these things up would be a huge help.
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Do what you gotta do
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