dear, dear admins
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Dear, dear, dear, dear, dear admins who are responsible for the nationscup.

I just heard the disturbing news that there will be default maps in the nationscup! Can this please be clarified if this is correct and if yes,


Imo, and in many other players opinion, this is a great way to kill the cups and therefor kill the game. I know it's just me talking like a retard again so therefor I would like you to ask if there is a possibility that this topic can be decided by the community or captains or something like that?

If that is not possible I'm sure everyone who thinks this is a bad idea would like to hear the reason why this decision is made so we can have a transparant discussion about it.

Please all, do respond what you think of this!
Dont get your point - default maps are always used in the groupstage. We use map - elemination for the playoffs. Nothing new so far, I guess.

Btw: Thats a TC - only discussion and the responsible TC´s know how they get in touch with the responsible admins (at least every TC got a mail/pm).

So, question answered - topic closed - a public discussion is not necessary.

Best Regards

Comfort from bottles, cheers from beers the guitars are our weapons and we know how to kill!

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