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[Discussion] Rules
Author Posting
So here we go with the first rules in our first cup. Discuss what you like and of course what you dont like. Please keep it kindly.


Assault Rifles: M4A1, M16A4, SCAR-L, CM901, G36C, AK-47, ACR 6.8
SMG's: MP5, UMP45, PP90M1
Sniper Rifles: L118A, MSR
Shotguns: SPAS-12, Modell 1887

Secondary weapons: ALL pistols allowed
Lethal: Frag granade
Non lethal: Smoke/Flash

General Rules

Everything else that you don't see on this list is disabled, including shields, perks, attachments and so on. Using unallowed weapons may lead to losing a round or the whole match.

A match is played over two maps picked by the teams from the mappool below. 24 rounds are being played every map. The teams switch side every 12 rounds. You may leave the server if one team reaches 25 rounds. If there is a draw at the end you play MR3 mode on Seatown until a winner is decided.

Each team may use just one sniper and one shotgun. Once the sniper/shotgun is down it is not allowed to pick this weapon. All other weapons can be picked.

To use your own classes on a ESL settings server, go into private match lobby and set your classes there. There make sure that you have only the allowed weapons set, frag, smoke/flash and REVENGE as your deathstreak. This way, you will be able to use your own classes on dedicated servers with ESL ruleset config.

If there is one team with a dedicated server you have to play on that. It is allowed that each team hosts one map. If a player is not able to join a lobby a different player has to host the game. If the problem still persists the team has to play short-handed as long as the minimum number of players (default teamsize -1) are available.


quote ] 
Remove ACR 6.8 because many people thinks it's op.
Add the map Hardhat in the map pool.
Remove MSR and stick with the L118A works just as fine.

Quickly my own opinion.
quote ] 
Remove Acr and pp90.
Re-add bootleg ( LOL ) and add Hardhat.
Make a restriction of the classes.
quote ] 
Mission out, Hardhat in
+ remove PP90M1
and will be great emoticon-grin
quote ] 
I'd keep PP90 in , it's so underpowered at long-range , only op at close range , that's what SMG does.

And I'd my MP7 emoticon-tongue
quote ] 
I'd say leave the ACR and PP90 out. And if you let the PP90 in. Limit SMG to 2 per team. Else I can see maps like for example Bootleg and Seatown becoming a massive PP90 sprayfest.. Maximum of one shotgun per team would be nice aswell;)

Maplist-wise I think you got a really nice one .

EDIT: ooh ye. Don't forget the rule about deathstreaks emoticon-grin I'd say use Revenge as it's currently bugged on Dedicated servers. Juiced etc gives too much of an advantage.
quote ] 
Disallow ACR please, and if PP90 allowed , only one person with that gun in a team ?
quote ] 
Add hardhat....and remove village
quote ] 
remove village and fallen !! 1v1 maps :/
quote ] 
how about?
smg limit: 2 per team
sniper/shotty: 1 per team
allow attachment: silencer
5on5 maps: Seatown, Bakaara, Resistance, Lockdown, Outpost
quote ] 
+1 rezake.Pls smg limit and 5-6 maps
quote ] 
smg limit: 2
assault limit: 3
snipe: 1
shotgun limit: 1

Allowed assault: AK47, M4, SCAR
Allowed smg: UMP45, MP5
Secondary: pistols + frag + flash/smoke
Scope: L118/MSR
Shotgun: spas

remove PP90M1 and ACR. OP shit.

map pool: seatown, lockdown, fallen, hardhat, baakara, resistence, underground.

Took me 3 minutes to write proper map/weapons rules. yo. cheers
quote ] 
iLuminate wrote:
Add hardhat....and remove village

quote ] 
What about Bootleg? I think it's nice map.
quote ] 
Thats terrible... public bots are trying to make rules ;/ What the fuck are you talking about? Remove pp90? May I ask you, WHY? It is overpowered@rofl... Remove better yourself from this forum, seriously...

All the maps must be in, except of Arkaden, why the hell does this map do in list? Hardhat in!
quote ] 
QqzRR' wrote:
remove village and fallen !! 1v1 maps :/

Never, amazing maps... Fallen 1v1 ? lol... emoticon-smile its bigger then villa in bo emoticon-smile
quote ] 
Thank fuck im leaving this community! you are all whiney fucks Why not allow all maps and all smg's / assult rifles + whats wrong with 2 bolt action snipers? ive never seen a bunch of pathetic fags in my life. my god hope you destroy this game. Shitty admins / shitty whiney players.
quote ] 
Shotguns, did you have tried using them to see how OP they are in this game? 
pump? ok, they are using pump, but the firerate is too high and the DMG is too damn high with range that is so huge...

MSR, This sniper have huge dmg from huge distance, also taking 0.1sec to get in the zoom, also have so low recoil that it makes this weapon strong in close-range more then a shotgun, remove this OP weapon asap!

Village? haha, how the fuck this map can be competitive? ATK start on B spot, DEF have like 100 spots to camp in the bushes, this map is just so unbalanced and so noobish that it almost make me cry.

Hardhat? where is this map? i mean, i see alot of shit maps in this cup, but no hardhat, then i ask myself, WTF? 

I hope you guys think about it because this things just makes thing so lame.
quote ] 
QqzRR' wrote:
remove village and fallen !! 1v1 maps :/

damn yea.
uncompetitive maps...
village reminds me of jungle in BO
quote ] 
-Dont ban PP90 but restrict smg classes to 2 - everything is fine!
-Ban that fucking ACR way too skillles imo
-Limit Shotguns to 1 srsly

Mappool imo:
Bakaara, Lockdown, Fallen, Resistance, Arkaden, (Bootleg only if 2 smg limit), Underground, Seatown, Village, Hardhat
quote ] 
Add Hardhat and remove village,
remove MSR cus the fire rate is too high.
quote ] 
FreakyNoise wrote:
-Dont ban PP90 but restrict smg classes to 2 - everything is fine!
-Ban that fucking ACR way too skillles imo
-Limit Shotguns to 1 srsly

Mappool imo:
Bakaara, Lockdown, Fallen, Resistance, Arkaden, (Bootleg only if 2 smg limit), Underground, Seatown, Village, Hardhat

Hardhat=one of the best

Akaden=good map for competitive .

Bootleg=shiti map + rain.

Fallen=pure pub
quote ] 
remove the game emoticon-tongue
quote ] 
why is bootleg shity map? its very professional map with nice b long, a 2nd floor, map of action guys, like it  <3
quote ] 
they just added back hardhat..

next destination:
no village, no MSR, no shotguns ^^

and we are all good :]
quote ] 
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