Modern Warfare 3 with first ladders and MMC!
Modern Warfare 3 was already implemented into VERSUS and Wire Anti-Cheat and here we go live with the first ladders! Also we're announcing a Most Matches Competition and further rules. So read on the news and sign up in our new ladders and have fun!

Modern Warfare 3 with first ladders!

To join the ladder you need a gameaccount entered. For Modern Warfare 3 it is "SteamID MW3". Click here to add a gameaccount.

Sign up now for DM 1on1 ladder!

2 maps - each 10 minutes. More information about the rules can be found here.

Sign up now for SD 2on2 ladder!

2 maps - MR12 - first to 25. More information about the rules can be found here.

Sign up now for SD 5on5 ladder!

2 maps - MR12 - first to 25. More information about the rules can be found here.

Note: As we want to make rules as much acceptable for the community as possible there can be changes soon.

How can I play CoD:MW3 in ladders?

All you need to play in CoD:MW3 ladders, cups and VERSUS is an ESL player account. Read here to get more information about creating an account at ESL! Your SteamID MW3 you get this way.
When you are in a ladder you challenge others via normal challenge of course. But there are also 2 other possibilities: the Matchmaker and the Instant Challenger!

Most Matches Competition

Of course a new ladder comes along with something special, so here it is: a "Most Matches Competition" in the new SD 2on2 ladder , which is active from right now until 30th December 2011. In a "Most Matches Competition" the goal is - as its name already tells - to play as many matches in one ladder chosen by us admins as possible. All matches will be counted!
Duration: 6th December - 30th December 2011
Ladder: MW3 SD 2on2 Ladder  Signup
Prizes: 1st place: 2 x 1 month ESL Premium

Modern Warfare 3 in VERSUS

As you can read here, MW3 is also implemented to the VERSUS matchmaking system and the Warmup-Season - that means for you, that you can start a match with only 2 clicks! More information and how to join a server you can read here!

Do you like what you see? Join our special Clan Listing to show that you and your team are ready to fight on the new war zones in Modern Warfare 3 !

(Vote of course for Call of Duty Games! <3 poll)
Your Admin team
foras, Monday, 05/12/11 18:27
Deathmatch 1on1 Ladder
MW3 VERSUS Ranking
Search & Destroy 2on2 Ladder
Search & Destroy 5on5 Ladder
comments (23)
1on1 SD pls
Steam ID mw3 ??
How to get your SteamdID MW3 is explained here: http://www.esl.eu/eu/mw3/news/177091/
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or easy use my guid checker


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3on3 SD ???
When admin accept join to Ladder ?
yay :D
3v3 SD?
Calcada wrote:
3v3 SD?

Calcada wrote:
3v3 SD?
why dont you make a hardcore ladder? like in mw2?
Microspasmo wrote:
Calcada wrote:
3v3 SD?
3v3 SD ?
3v3 pl0x
Of course 3v3 ladder will be included guys - we just didn't wanna open all ladders at once as it would be too much work for us to handle.

Keep an eye on the news for some 3v3 cup announcement soon ;)
life is normal or miniscule?
When you open the ladder?
1on1 SD PLS
Microspasmo wrote:
When you open the ladder?

1on1 SD pls
the winner is ??????????????
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