Telos Clan Powered by eGear  | MW2 & MW3 | 5on5  id:  5531167

Name Telos Clan Powered by eGear
Shorthandle Telos|eG
Registered since 23/12/10
Subteam of Telos Clan Powered by eGear
Headquarters  Denmark
  6  Awards  
Honorary member
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Latest matches
  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Search & Destroy 5on5 Nightcup 11
loss   In Memory Of The Legends  0 Sunday, 01/04/12 16:00 10
  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Search & Destroy 5on5 Ladder
wins   Team Coded  + 5 Sunday, 25/03/12 20:20 20
wins   KND.Squad  + 10 Saturday, 03/03/12 19:30 11
wins   nix könner hoch 10  + 8 Friday, 24/02/12 20:00 13
wins   izi eSports!  + 25 Friday, 17/02/12 19:30 33
wins   ugN Gaming  + 17 Tuesday, 14/02/12 21:00 22
  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Search & Destroy 5on5 Winter League 2012 Playoffs
loss   Ha GAAYY  0 Tuesday, 20/03/12 20:00 48
wins   In Memory of TERA.MF MW3  + 2 Sunday, 18/03/12 20:00 0
  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 5on5 Winter League 2011
wins   Emotion Gaming!  + 3 Sunday, 26/02/12 20:00 0
wins   (bye)  Sunday, 19/02/12 20:00 0
• In Memory of Telos Clan Powered by eGear •

Will never forget any of you guys, this will be a memory for life, thank you so much for all the fun and hard times we had together, love you all <3, never forgive, never forget! //Solle

• Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 @ 2010 & 2011
Captain: Solle
Player: Soylent
Player: reapzRR
Player: HackZ
Player: Crysiis
Player: Ganja
Player: iDontCare
Player: Griffin
Player: Sp33dy

• Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 @ 2012
Captain: Solle
Player: HackZ
Player: Sp33dy
Player: animaz
Player: winterstorm

• Call of Duty Ghost @ 2013
Captain: Xecodus
Player: xPRR
Player: We1z
Player: vINNEH
Player: Psycho

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