ExAequoItalia-MW3 vs. Team eXosted MW3 by redLine
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 Team eXosted MW3 by redLine
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Date Sunday, 12/02/12 20:00
Calculated 23/02/12 12:00
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ExAequoItalia-MW3 wins !
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ESL faggot


Team eXosted MW3 by redLine





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comments (11)
Hi guys, when do u think is possible to play this match?

Due our work issues, for us is really better play during the week and after 21/21.15CET.

Feel free to contact me on steam or here on matchcomments for set the best date :)

Anyway GL & HF :)

DreaMin, ExAequoitalia.it
steam pylbot
kk, i'll add you this evening.
Sorry guys, we are locked in a protest with 541TEAM, don't know when we will play vs them and i don't know when we can play vs you.

Have you some preferred day? So we can try to set the match in a date in wich our opponents can't play.

Thank for all, regards,
DreaMin, ExAequoItalia Multigaming.
We pm you in steam or eslwire
If our Spanish opponents won't play, can you play this thursday (16/2) around 21.15-21.30CET?

i'll confirm it tomorrow (i hope).

C U on,
DreaMin, ExAequoItalia MultiGaming.
is not possible this week , we go on the "GAMONLIVE" event offline thurday/sunday, the next week it's okay ? monday or tuesday 20th/21th

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Maybe 21st will be a good date, i'll ask to my team. Around 21.30 CET?

Btw, good luck 4 the lan :)
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okay ,thx
Hi Eramyy, we are in trouble with a match of an Italian competition who is forced for tonight at 21.00. This match will be only one map, so it will not take more than 45mins.

Now i have to ask you if agree to play our match immediatly after (around 21.45/22).

Tell me if is ok.

Sorry 4 all,
DreaMin, ExAequoItalia Multigaming.
pm steam ;)
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