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Never forget: pAtziKu, jeday, daZza, Gas-O, pe3ak, sokR, Gocho, Shrikee, Stamy, SafI and fraghh

≈≈≈≈≈ Goodbye CoD5! ≈≈≈≈≈

≈≈≈≈≈ Call of Duty: World at War Awards ≈≈≈≈≈
► Clanbase CoD WaW S&D OpenCup Fall 2010: 1st Place
► ESL CoD WaW S&D 4on4 King of Hangar: Runner-Up
► Clanbase CoD WaW OC Spring 2010: 1st Place
► ESL CoD WaW S&D 4on4 King of Cliffside: 1st Place
► ESL CoD WaW 3on3 S&D Cup v2: 1st Place
► ESL CoD WaW 5on5 S&D Cup v3: 1st Place
► ESL CoD WaW S&D Summerleague: 1st Place
► ClanBase CoD WaW OC Fall 2009: 2nd Place
► CoD5League.eu OpenCup#2: 2nd Place
► ClanBase CoD World at War CTF SummerCup 2009: 2nd Place
► ClanBase CoD WaW S&D 3v3 OC Spring 2009: 3rd Place
► Clanbase CoD WaW S&D OpenCup Spring 2009: 3rd Place

X-RAY profiles:
jeday: http://www.xraygaming.com/inde...reenshots&userid=97427
daZza: http://www.xraygaming.com/inde...reenshots&userid=92452
pAtziKu: http://www.xraygaming.com/inde...reenshots&userid=97426
Gas-O: http://www.xraygaming.com/inde...reenshots&userid=89672
pe3ak: http://www.xraygaming.com/inde...eenshots&userid=109000
sokR: http://www.xraygaming.com/inde...eenshots&userid=114238
Gocho: http://www.xraygaming.com/inde...eenshots&userid=114063
Shrikee: http://www.xraygaming.com/inde...reenshots&userid=89672
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