MSN Games Cup Marathon - 6 Months Premium!!
Cup Series concept is now improved. Check out the new features and win 6 months premium in total!

Cup Concept

MSN Games Cup Marathon

16 slots
Single Elimination
Check-in is mandatory
All matches on same day
Every cup starts at 19h30 CET (check-in starts at 19h00 CET)
40 minutes between rounds

One/Two cups per week
Specific ladder rules
Matchmedia is mandatory for all matches
Pre-playing is allowed
No shows can only be rated if a protest is open
Match recording is optional

Where can I find the next cups?

Stay tune with the section portal (Upcoming Cups box).

Cup Planning
Game Match date Sign Up Rules
Bumper Stars10/04/2012
7 Hand Poker24/04/2012

Point System

Every top4 of each cup will receive cup points, according to the next table:

Prizes per Cup
Rank Reward
1st8 Points
2nd 6 Points
3rd 4 Points
4th 2 Points
5th 1 Point
6th 1 Point

At the end of the month, the players who collect more points will be rewarded with the following prizes:

Final Prizes

   3 months PREMIUM ESL Premium
   2 months PREMIUM ESL Premium
   1 month PREMIUM ESL Premium

Have fun,
your Admin Team
Zurike, Thursday, 05/04/12 01:15
comments (7)
the standing in progress after 1st CUP -> http://soccerforli.altervista.org/standings.html
why is the cup not start ??
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due to website problems cup#2 was postponed to Saturday
can i see the ranking ?
Morris23 wrote:
can i see the ranking ?
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