Winter Cup - Knock Outs
The six qualification cups have come to an end. We know the six guys who will directly join the play off cup while the 2nd placed guys will fight for the last two spots. This will be determined in a fast 1on1 Knock Out Cup. What does that mean? Check out below!

The Knock Out Cup

Since there were only six cups but the play off stage needs to be a full eight slot cup we have to find two more guys! The 2nd placed guys of every cup will be randomly seeded in a smaller and fast cup -the Knock Out Cup. The two lucky guys who will win two matches will join the final cup!

The rules willbe the same like in the qualifier cups. For those who already forgot:
MSN Games Winter Cups 2011/12

    ladder specific rules
    each player selects one game from the gamepool
    the player who selected the game, starts it via msn too
    a minimum of 2 games are played per match
    the player who wins 2 games is the match winner, no draws!
    if needed a decider game is selected by elimination from the whole game pool
    each game consists of max. 3 rounds
    the single games' results are entered at the matchsheet
    Example Score:
Cup & Final Stage:
    one match per week, pre-playing allowed
    Match is not played in time: both players will drop to lower bracket
    no Wildcards
    lower bracket winner must win twice in order to win the cup
    Problems with your opponent? Write a Protest/Support Ticket
Match Media: Screenshots of each round (click)
IRC: Try to be present at the match dates! #esl.msn @ quakenet
Start: Mon, 02/01/12 19:00 CET
Help: via IRC: #esl.msn @ quakenet or Support Ticket

The Knock Out matches must be played till next Sunday, 19th February means two matches must be played this week! So hurry up!

Good Luck,
your Admin Team
Sn4kE, Tuesday, 14/02/12 14:14
Knock Outs
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