MSN League Season 3 - Award + Premium to win!
The 3rd season of the exclusive MSN League is about to start. Win a special award and 6 months premium in total! There is still enough time that everybody has the chance to qualify!

Qualification Possibilities

There are two different ways to qualify for this exclusive tournament: Joining the qualifier cups or playing the most matches in certain ladders!
Qualification Cups
One Day
4 Cups during May, 20:00 CET
  • 1st Cup: 6th May (Solitaire)
  • 2nd Cup: 10th May (Uno)
  • 3rd Cup: 17th May (RPS)
  • 4th Cup: 24th May (Bumper Stars)
16 slots double elimination, free for all
one, forced game
specific ladder rules, general cup rules
lower bracket winner must win twice in order to win the cup
Winner of each cup will join
Check In System enabled!
Qualifier #1
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Qualifier #2
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Qualifier #3
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Qualifier #4
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Qualification Most Matches
Most matches Join our ladders and play the most matches in May!
The guy on top will join the MSN League!
Uno ladder
RPS ladder

Already qualified

As usually the top six of last season are automatically qualified for the next season and will directly.
z PP'
Weg vom Fenster
All guys have been informed via email that they have to confirm their participation till 13th May.

Details MSN League

he MSN Games League is a special bonus tournament for all skilled and fair players within the ESL EU MSN Games Section. Therefore you have to qualify for that special tournament.
Format: Premiership
Slots: 12 slots
Modus: All vs All
Requirements for the candidates: Penalty Counter: < 5
no active warnings/penalties
for behaviour

Tournament specific rules
1 match/week
one back up week
Forced date if needed: Each Sunday, 20 CEST
1 wildcard (must be handed in latest 24h before match date)
EU Ladder specific rules for the respective game
Uno (bo1), RPS (bo3), Solitaire (bo3), 7 Hand Poker (bo3), Bumper Stars (bo1)
free game choice by every player
pre playing is not allowed


Prizes at the end of the league
1st Place 3 Months Premium
2nd Place 2 Months Premium
3th Place 1 Month Premium

Good Luck, your Admin Team
Sn4kE, Wednesday, 09/05/12 16:51
MSN Games Premiership Season 3 MSN League
comments (6)
Why always thursday? :(
Confirming my presence ;)
z PP' wrote:
Confirming my presence ;)

z PP' wrote:
Confirming my presence ;)

hey and where i can join to premiership? or its only for qualifed palyers?
did you read the whole news? o0
check out the green blinking points in the first table....
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