MSN Games in the ESL
Looking for some new games to play? Some free and simple games? Spontaneous cups? Special tournaments?
The MSN section do offer all of these things and it is very easy to join the MSN Games community. The games are embedded in the famous MSN Live Messenger an easy instant messaging program like ICQ.

Why playing MSN Games?

    free games
    simple games
    easy to understand
    easy to handle
    fast matches

What does the ESL offer?

    special tournaments
    easy rules
    awards & premium to give away
    ladders for all popular MSN Games
    seasonal tournaments
    spontaneous cups

Special Tournaments

Several of our tournaments are rewarded with Premium Accounts. Regular prize-featured tournaments:
MSN Games Championship
MSN League.
Winter Cups 11/12 Join Now!

Cup Awards

Join the Spontanizzle Cup Group and be informed when the next cup take place and complete your awards for X won matches, X cup attendances and X times in the top three of a cup!

Seasonal Tournaments

Of course there are seasonal tournaments with premium and awards to give away!

Special Awards

Join our tournaments, fight your way through to the top three and get an entry in our Hall of Fame. The guy on top will receive this award! Qualify for the MSN League and this award can be yours!
(New season starting soon!)

Our Ladders Join Now!

1on1 Ladders Rules Sign Up Instant Challenger Matchmaker
7 Handpoker
Bumper Stars
Tic a Tac Poker
Rock, Paper, Scissors

What you need to do to join

Joining the MSN Games Section is quite easy. All you need to do is:
Download the MSN Live Messenger
Enter your registered email as Gameaccount
Join our tournaments!

We are looking forward to welcome a lot of new guys in our section! If you have any questions feel free to post in our Forum, add an admin on MSN or send in a Support Ticket

//Your Admin Team
Sn4kE, Friday, 23/12/11 14:39
Winter Cups 2011/2012
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