Play ARAB today in VERSUS
What to do after Go4LoL? Stay and play VERSUS! You can play 1v1, 2v2, 5v5 and ARAM / ARAB. All you have to do is to hit the "Play vs." - Button on top and start the search.
You need more infos about VERSUS? Visit http://playversus.me With VERSUS is it for League of Legends players easy possible to play Ranked Games in 1v1 or 2v2 or ARAB / ARAM in our All Random game mode cloud.

Just try it out today and have fun!

What is ARAB or ARAM?

ARAB - All Random All Bot
Play mode: Best of One
Pick mode: All Random

Gametype: All Random on Dominion
No recalls!
It's only allowed to capture the two flags at bottom
Goal is to destroy the opponents Nexus

ARAB - All Random All Mid
Play mode: Best of One
Pick mode: All Random

All Mid
Gametype: All Random on Summoners Rift
No recalls! Only way you shop is if you die
No farming in any other lanes or neutrals
Goal is to destroy the opponents Nexus

What is VERSUS?

VERSUS is the new matchmaking system of ESL. With just a few clicks you can find new friends and opponents to compete with and play against. A new individual ranking will keep track of your wins and losses. Less rules, less clicks, more matches and fun for all! You will find more information on our VERSUS portal.

Have a lot of fun!
NachtkindFX, Sunday, 06/05/12 13:07
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So guardian's angel, mejais, Leviathan, Sword of the Occult are all allowed?
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