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Player looking for a good team
Author Posting
My name is Gabriele and I´m searching a Team for ESL and other Tournaments.
My main positions are Solotop and Jungler but i play all roles if is neededand I played a lot of ranked games.

My english is not the best but i do what i can. I think it will be enough for those games.
I think the ingame elo isn´t so important. My elo isn´t so high (~1600), but we can play some testgames where you can see how i play.

I am 20 years old and I´m from Italy
I watched a lot of games from the pro teams and played in another team for few months and played too many tournaments. My old team had problems on all positions so I had to leave the team.

If you are interested add me:
skype: Mcsilence
ingame: KRAMATOS

have also teamspeak.

If yuo are interesting pm me or add me, i normally play everyday 6-7 games and i play always rankeds solo queue.

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