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Lf 2.1 + AD Carry and Allrounder (6. Man)
Author Posting
Team Mango Recruitment

we are currently recruiting for our League of Legends team, here is a list of requirements from those players applying:

-> 2.1k+ Solo Que ELO
-> Experienced in eSports (Go4LoL, 4PL etc) ( we placed ranke 3 last go4lol)
-> Passionate to play your role
-> high motivated
-> Age 16+ ( and enough time)

Team Links :



Dean (2245 Elo Solo Top )
Scathing (1700 Elo support)
Coukie (2373 elo Ap mid)
Niels ejnar II (2404 Elo Jungler)
YOU = ?

Hefty Schlumpf (2300 Elo substitute)
Samwise (2395 Elo substitute)

if u are interrested and able to fit the requirements post your:

-Current Elo

and if u want, a small text about you.

I will add you ingame if i think you would fit to us.
Best Regards Scathing
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-Summoner-Name Genocide Biozi (Add FiammaSian)
-Current Elo-2k(2.2k max)
I linked a thread saying more about me.What i can add is that i played vs TSM and won my lane against Chaos hard and i have great understanding of how botlane works.
Feel free to contact me.
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