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We here at Esports-International are looking to recruit more members to our League of Legends community.

We have many experienced players possessing impressive ELO's.We are a community but offer the opportunity for all of our members to join one of our League of Legends squads or even apply to run their own.

We have a number of active squads,

EI.MyR are currently dicing with the pro teams in regular tournaments such as the 4PL monthly finals and Fnatic PLAY RaidCall LoL Cup Finals. With dedicated casters

EI.Nerf are also hitting Top 4 in the Premade 5v5 ESL Ladder

Other up and coming squads such as EI.TCM are competing in regular cups and tournaments, With other squads building up and progressing well, they are sure to follow the success of Nerf and MyR.

The opportunity is there for the whole EI community to dive into competitive play!

Applications are open to both individuals and groups/squads. 

Register > Click the big APPLY button! > Get on TS3 and come and say hello

Any Problems add EI Milkybadger in Game or PM an admin on the EI website.
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