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Team Mango Recruitment

we are currently recruiting for our League of Legends team, here is a list of requirements from those players applying:

-> 2.1k+ Solo Que ELO
-> Experienced in eSports (Go4LoL, 4PL etc) ( we placed ranke 3 last go4lol)
-> Passionate to play your role
-> high motivated
-> Age 16+ ( and enough time)

Team Links :




Xzxnmzmxnzn (2200 Elo ad carry)
Scathing (1700 Elo support)
Coukie (2261 elo Ap mid)
Hefty Schlumpf ( 2200 elo substitute)
Transvestor (2300 Elo substitute)

if u are interrested and able to fit the requirements post your:

-Current Elo

and if u want, a small text about you.

I will add you ingame if i think you would fit to us.
Best Regards Scathing
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IGName: AlsoThatGuy
ELO: Top 1464
(People are just too dump to understand how the game works.)
From: I'm from Denmark and I want to be able to play the role as the SoloTop.

I know my elo is lower then what you are looking for. I don't have any experience in the League of Legends E-sport, I do have some in
Counter-Strike: Source.

I currently live at home, I don't really do much besides school which doesn't take much of my time. I eat around 18:00GMT+1 , I'm 18years old. have been playing league of legends for 9 months+-

So if possible, please just tell me no or yes. Thanks emoticon-grin
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Hello, I'm highly motivated player looking for a team, I have been playing jungle recently (I used to play mid), however I have only trained a few junglers so I need some practise still, My top elo is 2126 (which it is atm aswell).

I live in Finland, am 18 years old male and got loads of free time so I can play pretty much 10 hours a day if needed. I have also competed in Go4LoL before in the EUNE side (swapped to EUW a couple months back) and our best placement were 6.

IGN: Troid
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hi,i have a high motivation and i look for team i can do solo top but i start recenty( i play ad carry before) so i need some practise, my elo is 1280+( i know its lower what you looking for but u know  how is elo hell emoticon-smile), my IGN its TNS SasukiaH but tomorrow i will change it to IHan so feel free to add me and give me a chance.

im from portugal i have 16 years old i can play like 7 hours a day i dont have exprerience in E-sports,i participate in some go4lol and some cups from portugal.
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Summoner name: Menthil
Elo: 2030 Top Elo:2067
From: Portugal
Age: 17
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Hey, i just want to keep this as short as possible emoticon-grin

Summoner Name: Sir Michael VI
Elo:  2104 ( smurf main stuck at around 1800 elo emoticon-tongue
From: Germany
Age: 19

Played almost every role in soloq but I feel pretty comfortable at Top Lane.

Just add me ingame if you got any questions emoticon-grin
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IGName: fusionnnn
Current Elo: 1100+ ( elo hell, i know that's low for u guys but i can try)
From: Bosnia and Herzegowina.

Hi guys, im 17 years old. I can always play (for team) GMT+1.
I play all positions, what team needs. 
I don't have experience with E-Sports only PES and C.S1.6.
I play LoL about 14 months. 
715 wins at normal.

Cheers !
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