Spring League 2012 - Playoff (East)
On Monday its time. We will see the winner of the Spring League 2012. But before the best teams of each group has to play against eachother.
In this news you will find the results of the groups and which teams got qualified.

The groupranking

After 3 gamedays the following teams reached the first place of their groups Modulo Team, Gateway Entertainment .LoL, ELITGAMERS Multigaming and Mad Boys Go4LoL Cups .No You Cant, Team Web, NecroRaisers.NANOXIA and neXtPlease! Gaming reached the second place. These 8 teams are qualified for the Playoffs.
In the following link you will find the results of the other teams, who took part in this cup here.

The Playoffs

Monday, 04.06.2012 at 19:00 CEt the Playoffs will start. Details to the Playoffs:
  • Tournamentmode: Single Elimination
  • Modus: Best of One (Bo1), the final Best of Three (Bo3)
  • Pick / Ban: Draftmode

  • Tournamenttree

    The Spring League 2012 Award

    The winner will recive this award
    League of Legends - Spring League 2012 Award.

    1. 5x 15 € in Riot Points + 90 Days ESL Premium + Skin Bundle*
    2. 5x 10 € in Riot Points + 60 Days  ESL Premium
    3. 5x 5 € in Riot Points + 30 Days ESL Premium

    * Champion Skin Bundle - the most recent Champion with his two release skins.

    If you have any questions before, please join the IRC at #esl.lol.east (Quakenet)

    Your League of Legends ESL Admin Team
    TieKey, Thursday, 31/05/12 20:49
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