The first Tournament Code update
After the announcement and release of the Tournament Code by the ESL and Riot Games, comes now another major improvement: match statistics. From now on all matches played with tournament code, will show the result statistics of each game. Including champion selection, summoner spells, items etc. and that is not only for cups, but for ladder and all upcoming tournament features as well.
The Tournament Code project revolutionizes the way the ESL and its users interact with games. Gone are the times of gathering all ten players into the same match lobby or adding them as friends. Annoyed by manually entering the line ups or running after admins or opponents to get your match result confirmed? Tournament Code put an end to all that and now you don't even need screenshots anymore to see what champions were played or what items were bought, because match statistics will display everything automatically in each matchsheet.

All matches played with tournament code will have their statistics display in the matchsheet, so when you missed a coverage of one of our Go4LoL tournaments, but want to know what was played, you just have to check the bracket and match details. Here is the final of Sundays Go4LoL Nordic & East: FeW-GamerS.LoL vs. Kozik Gaming

Playing eSports Tournaments has never been easier. Sign up today to one of our next ESL Tournaments and try it out!

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NachtkindFX, Tuesday, 14/08/12 17:23
Riot and ESL with tournament revolution
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Good Job Guys, looking great!
Light wrote:
Good Job Guys, looking great!

Pause = 0, can u fix it and turn pause on?
Yeah, it should be fixed. I mean.. Tournament code game = draft mode .. But pause is available only in tournament draft, so .. You know what to do . :p
Enable Tournament draft please!
Looking nice
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