Go4LoL continues 2013 with up to €4000 every month
The worlds largest weekly cup series in League of Legends continues as well in 2013, with more prize money! Every week more than 500 teams with thousands and thousands of players participate in our Go4LoL Series.
In 2013 the weekly prize money, in both European regions, will be €300 (€100 more as in 2012) and €500 prize money in the Go4LoL monthly final. That's up to €4000 prize money to win every month for the ESL Go4LoL teams.

The concept behind Go4LoL:

Every single Sunday of a month we will host a cup, that grants you the possibility to score points with your team for the monthly ranking. Depending on the number of participants the top teams of these cups will score points in addition to the €300 winning fee to the team that came out on top.

In the monthly final the best eight teams will fight for the trophy and €500 prize money. The winner takes it all, so the competition here will be very tough. In the next month, all teams once again have the same chances to play and qualify for the finals and win their share of the prize money.

Did you know there are more Go4LoLs to play in?

Poland, Greece, Romania, France, Turkey, Brazil and the United States have aswell a national/regional Go4LoL with prizes. Why again are you waiting? Sign up today!

Go4LoL Cup Series Portal
For more informations & rules of Go4LoL

Thank you very much for your outstanding and amazing participation in our Go4LoL Cups in 2012. We are looking forward to see you again in 2013, whether in North America, EU West or EU East/Nordic or the National/Regional Go4LoLs. Happy holidays!
NachtkindFX, Tuesday, 01/01/13 11:17
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