IEM Cologne Qualification Week
In the middle of December the Intel Extreme Masters will bring an early Christmas present to all League of Legends fans: The Intel Extreme Masters Cologne, a complete 50.000$ tournament stop live from the ESL TV Studio in Cologne, Germany. Enjoy some of the best teams in the world battling it out from the 14-16th of December in the relaxed atmosphere of our studio.
Eight teams will travel to Cologne after they have earned their spot in the online qualification. The first qualifiers will go live in early November and will take place in America, Asia and Europe. The Top 2 teams from America and Asia and the Top 4 from Europe will prevail in the end and make their trip to the headquarter of the ESL in Cologne.

The teams will compete for 50.000$ in prize money, a direct qualification to the Intel Extreme Masters season finals at CeBIT for the winner and ranking points for all teams. After the Intel Extreme Masters gamescom and the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters Singapore, it will be the third tour stop this season for League of Legends teams to prove themselves in the worlds leading global tournament series.

The qualification process

The European Section will run two open qualifiers for each European Region. The best team of each qualifier will earn a slot in the Crossrealm Qualifier on Saturday, 17th November. The other four slots will be filled with the best four European Teams after IEM ranking. This 8 teams, out of these open qualification cups and the seeding, after IEM ranking, will play for a total of 4 slots in the Intel Extreme Masters Cologne. Which will start at 16 CET on Saturday, 17th November. Joe Miller and Jason Kaplan will show you all on ESL TV.

The qualification dates

Open European Qualification*
Date Qualifier Bracket
19 CET
Europe West Qualifier #1 Here
18 CET
Europe Nordic & East Qualifier #1 Here
19 CET
Europe West Qualifier #2 Here
18 CET
Europe Nordic & East Qualifier #2 Here
16 CET
Final Qualifier Europe (Crossrealm) Here
* Players and teams are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. Please do not sign up unless you are sure you can attend the event! Only teams from Europe and Africa are eligible to play in this qualifiers.

Live streams on ESL TV

Both of the EU West qualifiers as well as the final qualifier will be streamed and commentated by our very own Joe Miller and Jason 'ButButButILY' Kaplan. First up is the EU West Qualifier #1 Tuesday at 19:00 CET.
NachtkindFX, Monday, 12/11/12 13:43
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Why I can't sign up my team for the first eune qualifier.I can sign up for the second only.
Voldimor wrote:
Why I can't sign up my team for the first eune qualifier.I can sign up for the second only.

Try again please :)

Is the Qualifier BO3 or BO1?
WOW Very very nice
The qualifier is online right?
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