EMS X League of Legends Playoffs [Update]
After a long period of qualifiers and the groupstage, we can now present to you the Playoffs Bracket of the 10th season of the ESL Major Series!

Due to a high number of coinciding League of Legends leagues, both online and offline, it was nearly impossible to schedule in our Playoffs, but we now came to a solution.
Updated: Round 1, or the Relegation matches, and the Quarter finals will be played on the 29th August, while the Semi finals, 3rd place decider and Grand Final will take place on the 5th of September.

Both days are covered by ESL TV with Joe Miller and many more languages!

Playoffs Bracket

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
  M5.BenQ 1.
  mTw 9.
  [M] 8.
  MVP 5.
  TL 12.
  Acer.pl 4.
  Crs 3.
  FnaticRC 11.
  SK 6.
  x6 7.
  iF 10.
  *aAa* 2.

Game for 3rd Place

Round 1
Third Place

The teams are seeded based on a 9-possibilities system which avoids match-ups from the same group until the finals. One possibility is picked by a coin toss, the result of which is displayed above.

As for the rankings; in Group A, Curse won over mTw, while iNNERFiRE won over AL. Group C and D saw a 3-way tie. In C we solved it by comparing time of match completion (quick win > slow win), in D however it was impossible due to missing match media so we chose to toss a coin.

Group A:
 1 Curse
 2 mTw
Group B:
 1 Team Acer
 2 x6tence
 3 Millenium
Group C:
 1 aAa
 2 Bonjwas
 3 SK Gaming
Group D:
 1 MoscowFive
 2 Fnatic
 3 TeamLess

Prize Money

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series X

5.000 €

League of Legends

   1st 2.500 €
   2nd 1.500 €
   3rd 1.000 €

Stay up to date

There are numerous way of staying up to date with EMS competition! You can inform yourself anytime about what is happening on the EMS Mainpage: News, streaming, upcoming matches and the current rankings all at one place!

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EMS X LoL Homepage

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