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ESL Level in December - More XP!
One and a half year after the announcement of the ESL Level System we have a (christmas) surprise for some games, because we will adjust the XP points from the 6th of December to the normal standard. Then you will get the same XP for a win or loss in every game in the ESL. You can look at the news to find out which games we mean.

What is the ESL Level System?

The ESL Level System has been created to give every player a rank beside the typical rankings and results that is made up of your gaming activity. The central focus is on fun and pure gaming. The end result is the ESL Level System.

Which games will get more XP?

From the 6th of December until the end of this year we will adjust the XP in the following games:
ICQ Games
MSN Games

How many XP do I get for a win or loss?

Scoring XP and match types
Every kind of ESL game activities influence the ESL Level and are rewarded with XP (eXPerience). There are three kinds of matches you can score XP in.

Loss Win
Training (Gather) 20 XP (4 XP) 20 XP (4 XP)
Ranked Match 100 XP (20 XP) 250 XP (50 XP)

If you have any question about the ESL Level System, you can have a look at the FAQ. There you should get an answer.

We wish you reflective holidays and Merry Christmas.
bLackhawk, Saturday, 05/12/09 14:45
comments (12)
why not CS?
create a list with high-level players plz :)
From the 6th of December until the end of this year we will adjust the XP in the following games:
ICQ Games
MSN Games

#3 and? from 50xp for win and 20xp for lose ESL wil give 250 and 100xp
NICEEE :):))
nice :)
cool ! i think 200 lvl is possible :D msg me for msn and icq games ;p
KINDERKACKE!!! macht ihr nur damit prem gekauft wird
icq msn and poker.... who the fuck play this boring games O_o
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just hard to believe
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