1on1 - Fight Club #23
Next Thursday we are going to start our next Fight Club. Only one player will survive and can enjoy the victory. This is a single elimination cup without champion bans. Set up the best tactic you can find and fight epic battles! Only one player will survive.

League of Legends - 1on1 - Fight Club #23

League of Legends 1on1 - Fight Club #23

Cup Start: 06.01.2011 - 19 CET
Check in Needed: Check in 18:40 - 19:00 CET to take part.
Mode: 1on1
Cupsize: max. 64 slots
Matchdates: round rythm 45 mins / single elimination
Server: Europe (lol-europe.com)
IRC: #esl.lol (QuakeNet)
Map: Twisted Treeline(3on3)
Game Options:
Game Type: Blind Pick
Game-Name: e.g. "ESL: PlayerA vs PlayerB"
Champion Bans: No Bans!
Ranked 1 - 3 will be included in our Hall of Fame  

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Overview of the round rythm

Fight Club Start
  Check in: 18:40 CET- 18:50 CET Thursday, 06.01.11
  Late Sign up: 18:50 CET- 19:00 CET Thursday, 06.01.11
  1.Round: 19:00 CET Thursday, 06.01.11
2.Round: 19:45 CET Thursday, 06.01.11
3.Round: 20:30 CET Thursday, 06.01.11
4.Round: 21:15 CET Thursday, 06.01.11
  Finals:22:00 CET Thursday, 06.01.11
Fight Club End

Cup Rules

Player Disconnects: After the disconnect of a player the game will continue. He has to return as soon as possible back to the game and continue playing.

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If you´ve got any question to the Fight Clubs we´re always available in

the offical meeting point: #esl.lol (Quakenet)

Your League of Legends ESL Admin Team
NachtkindFX, Wednesday, 05/01/11 22:56
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