EU - 2vs2 - Proving Grounds Race
The 2vs2 Proving Grounds open today in VERSUS and we kick them off with a race from Friday to Sunday! Time to prove the 2v2 skills of our ESL summoners. The 2vs2 Proving Grounds Race will be played as Draft Mode or Blind Pick, you can decide!
It's easy to join the race just play VERSUS. Click on the PLAY VS. button on top and you are in the 2vs2 Proving Grounds race by just playing some matches in our new 2vs2 Proving Grounds VERSUS cloud.

What is VERSUS?

VERSUS is the new matchmaking system of ESL. With just a few clicks you can find new friends and opponents to compete with and play against. A new individual ranking will keep track of your wins and losses. Less rules, less clicks, more matches and fun for all! You will find more information on our VERSUS portal.

League of Legends - 2on2 - Proving Grounds Race

Race Start: 20.07.12 18:00
Race End: 22.07.12 00:00
Game Mode: Draft pick, Blind pick
Rules: Versus Game Mode Rules

How to join the Race ?
We will activate the 2vs2 Proving Grounds Race at 18:00 on Friday !
All you have to do is play matches in VERSUS on the 2vs2 Proving Grounds, it doesn't matter if you win or loose, the players with the most played matches this weekend, will win the race and prizes.

The prizes of the 2vs2 Proving Grounds Race:
The top 5 players will win a one month Premium Account.

We also raffle 3x Nasus + his K9 Skin between all participating players. To get a chance to win, you only have to play a match on the 2vs2 Proving Grounds in VERSUS this weekend. How more you play how higher will the chance to win a Nasus Skin code!

Do you want to play with or against Admins?
On Friday at 20:00 CEST will also Admins join the VERSUS 2vs2 Proving Grounds Race to play some matches with you!
Have fun to play !

Your Admin Team
Vancleef29, Friday, 20/07/12 13:37
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