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Players searching clan ! (official)
Author Posting
Alter: 19
Skill : low+ bis mid
Suche : deutsches 5on5 team
ICQ: 294955985
ich suche ein deutsches 5on5 ESL Team mit TS2/3 und Erfahrung.

zu mir:

- 16 Jahre alt
- seit 4 Jahren mit TS vertraut
- lvl30
- Lieblingschamps: Anivia/Vladimir
- 210+ Siege (normal)
- Rangliste eher weniger aktiv im Einzel weil oft einer dabei ist in meinem Team der feeded/flammt.
- aktiv
- kenne mich gut mit items/champs aus
- für jeden Spaß zu haben
- 2 Runenbücher voll
- gutes Teamplay
- kein leaver

am besten über xfire (ID: Crinely) wenn das nicht geht -> Skype (Crinely) natürlich auch Ingame (Crinely).
die letzte Möglichkeit wäre ICQ ( 378 242 898 ) schau aber da nur jede 2-3 Tage rein!)

freu mich auf jede Anfrage

mfg, Crinely
seekin highskilled to soloq ranked with
and / or decent esl team

got any champ, 9 runepages etc.. well i play since the beginning.
dota experience..

well u can check my ingame and esl account.

Seeking a clan for esl tournaments:
-29 years old
-Have both vent and ts
-lvl 30
-2 Full rune pages
-Over 200games played
-Fast learner and great teamplayer
-Got bro who is got with ez and can be in team.
-Skype: kmihov
-Lol ingame nick LordPancho
Hi, I'm looking for active clan for ESL tournaments/league/ranked games.
I'm 18 years old, summoner lvl 30, quickly progressing, have np with TS or Ventrilo.

ingme nick: rakyi
Hey, looking for Highskilled 5on5 Team for ESL Games/tournaments.

Summoner lvl 30, nice runes, nice champs.
Im 21 Years as u can see on my Profile and got much ESL experience.

Ingame: Shafty

Dont contact if ur not lvl 30 or a shit. Want to WIN games!
Hi, I am 14 years old, and I look for a clan. I am lvl 25 and my summoner's name is: Bobbie is here
looking for a clan..
Ich Suche ein möglichst High Skilled Team für League of Legends
Ich Habe etwa 600 Spiele Erfahrung Ich Spiele Seit November 2009 . Und Seit 2008 Dota Ich Spiele Sehr Guten Twisted Fate (Ap)Und Tristana . Ich bin 16 Jahre Alt habe Skype und TS 2 ich würde mich freuen wenn sich jemand bei mir melden würde emoticon-smile
Skype : sora_und_partner
Ingame (lol) Namewarnochfrei
mfg : Namewarnochfrei
Hello all !

I am looking for a team. the main aims of the team should be the international cups in the ESL. the team has to be equiped with a Voice server e.g. TS3...

Well, now i want to introduce myself.
My nick at ESl is freshman and ingame you can find me under the nick equequ. Of course my stats aren't great at ESL and so on and well i don't want to deny it. I know how to handle most champions and to run a team with tactics, traps and so on. I don't like flamers and any other kiddy sh*t.
My attributes:
~ 1.2 k games played
~ I can handle a whole team
~ Two full rune pages
~ More than 40 Champions bought
~ I think i have a great knowledge of english(/Voice Ready)

So, if you are interested to let me play for your team so feel free to contact me ingame (= equequ ) or via the ESL page...


Der schlimmste aller Fehler ist, sich keines solchen bewusst zu sein.
Alter : 18 Jahre
Games : 70-50-10
LvL : 18
Runen : warte auf LvL 20!
Mains : Amumu , Urgot , Evelynn , Shaco
Chars im Bestiz : 33 Stück ! keine lust aufzuzählen
Skill : Mid !
Voice : TeamSpeak 2 , TeamSpeak 3 , Skype
Tuniererfahrung : Keine
Suche Deutsches 3on3 Team
Icq 463955787

Sry für das nerdige foto<<

i am looking for high skilled team for major series and 5on5/3on3 Ladder.

my skills:
- lvl 30
- 90%filled runebook
- ingame brain
- skill: mid+/high
- champs: anivia, akali, ashe, teemo, (warwick)
- 400 games +
- high match experience
- good knowing about all champs
- NO kiddie, flamer, leaver

If you want to ask me something or want me for your team, pls sent me an Pm or an e-mail!
hallo i´m looking for a progaming clan...
The nationaliti i do not care i want only a team wich speak german or english
and that have a teamspeak server or skypeemoticon-grin

i want to play in go4lol cupand its important to me that you will contact me fast plz


my icq nr. 286588702

skype noobbasher12

lol badkiwi

Suche deutschsprachiges 5n5 Esl-Team , deswegen der Thread auch auf deutsch emoticon-tongue

Alter : 17 Jahre
LvL : 30
Mains : Shen , Malphite , Cho' gath
Skill : Mid !
Voice :TeamSpeak 3 , Skype

pm me oder addet mich ingame : marcely0
Suche starkes und ambitioniertes 5on5 Team mit Sponsoren !

Voice: Alles was es gibt.
Skill: Real High, Top 10 muss drin sein.
Mains: Xin, Warwick, Twitch

Zum Account gibts was zu sagen wenns nen Testgame gibt ;)
 Schreibt mir ne PN wenn interesse !

MFG sn0w
Looking for a team add me ingame: Kelxalm
I have the most champs and playing since the beta I only play at evening because i am working.
skill low-mid I would say, its difficult to analyze it by myself.

Champs I play: Annie, Sion, Vladimir,Gallio, Miss Fortune, ähm well nearly every champ...kindly regards Kelxalm
ich und mein mate suchen noch ein team sind keine lowies mehr also wissen was zu tun ist und wie bitte per esl  melden oder skype :messerjack01


Jmenuji se Lukáš je mi 16let,hledám nějáky dobrý Český team.. emoticon-grin 
se kterým by se dali hrát ligy ,jak na ESL ,tak Ranked game

Lague of legends hraji přibližně půl roku mám samozdřejmě 30tý lvl a pokud by jste něko o mě měl zájem tak mě kontaktujte na lolku najdete mě tam pod přezdívkou
Gizmos ,nebo mi napište na

děkuji a těším se na vás... ;-)
looking for a good clan for this cup.
At frist some player details

Name: Lukas
Age: 19
Country: Germany
Headset/Mic:    check
Software:         check

game details
Ingame-Name: Pyhä
Email: h3idy@live.de
MSN: h3idy@live.de
Main: Kennen
Hallo, Suche mid+ - Highelo LoL Team.

Zu meiner Person :

~Summoner name : iNACTiVE
~Level : 30
~Ranked ESL : League of legends 1on1 Ladder - > 10
~Skill : mid+ - High
~Gutes Teamplay
~Main Champs : 5on5 -> Sion, Tryndamere, Pantheon.
~Runen Bücher komplett Alle voll.
~TS / MUMBLE / VENT. Alles Vorhanden.
~Sehr Aktiv.

Kontakt :
Ingame Name : iNACTiVE
Skype : Chris.a.linglong
I played for more than a year and a half. Récament With a break of 3 weeks and the summer before. I am now back in search of a competitive team.

I first started CF is who I am arriving in the semi final of the league CHZ. Then sYs NA.Then HG with whom I made a final CHZ and cup final esl 5N5 week end 6.

In terms of my tank. I just play a great set, however I usually take a carry. For when I tend to carry fail to remark. However I am also able to play Tank / Supports / Nuker. I also mastered a number of jungle (Amumu, yi, grags, Rammus, olaf, shaco and so on.)

im looking for a Clan, that play Esl/Ranked Games.

I think my Skill is Mid/High.

Ingamenick: Onashabuh
Lvl: 30
Runepage: 9 Page and filled with runes
Champs: Own all Champ except 6; malzahar, kennen, kogmaw, miss fortuna, galio, ?...

I know what teamplay is, and i doesnt flame.

I have Ts3. Feel ffree to add me ingame
<font face="Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif">Guten Tag,
ich und ein freund suchen ein Clan.
Ich bin 17, Freund 21.
Skill : med/med+

Xfire: hamma007
Skype: mike050293</font>
Suche Team

spiele LoL seit ein paar monaten und macht mir riesig spaß
hab halt lust mehr wegen iwelchen lows im team immer zu verlieren , daher fänd ich organiesierte games schon zehn mal besser. Kann mein skill selbst net wirklich einschätzen aber ihr könnt mich ja einfach mal einladen ( acc : BloodSoaked ) und dann seht ihr ja selbst .

Meine main champs atm sind Shaco,Warwick,Xin, Poppy is auch noch cool muss ich nur noch kaufen ^^

Also meldet euch einfach .
Hey guys,

im playing LoL now since about christmas 2009 and i have already gained a lot of experience since then. I'm tired of those normal solo queue games and now im search for a clan/team to start a ladder like ESL and join some tournaments.

About me:

My name is Sebastian and im 21 years old. I live in Germany, Bavaria and im going to a university from october 2010 on. Atm im still having holidays so i got lots of time  to play LoL.
I got a microphone and also got Skype/TS3 and if needed i'd get Vent etc.
Im not specifically playing any character only, im more like changing my char every game and i also know how to play most of the heroes. I can also play every type of character like caster, carry, tank etc. But i guess my best heroes are Ashe and Rammus and maybe Nasus emoticon-tongue
Runes i also got like everything i need except maybe health per lvl runes for vlad.
Atm i've got 100 WoL and i'd like to improve that emoticon-tongue

Hope to get some interesting pms/friend requests from you guys emoticon-smile

If u got any questions about me just ask!

My ingame name is also Talwar like here in the forum.

cya around

Hey searching Clan
Skill: mid
Activity: high
Motivation: high++
Have: Skype/Ventrilo
In-Game nick: thoveN

cantact me in
Emeil: thoventv@gmail.com
Skype: giedrius...1
Or just write me in ESL questbook or PM.
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