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Players searching clan ! (official)
Author Posting

About me:

- 19 Years old and i am from Germany. My Name is ONUR.
- I Speak English,German,Turkish
- 24/7 Online
- 1.Season 1780 Elo Rating 2.Season 1650 atm
- I prefer to play Jungler like : Fiddle,Noc,Udry,Shaco,Skarner,Blitz,Ali,Rammus,Amumu,Lee etc ( Almost all Jungler) OR I CAN ALSO PLAY AD CARRY.

My Goals:

- EAS / EPS / EMS ...
- Cups
- Ranked Games / and more

About that team witch Im looking for:

- Experience
- +Rating 1600
- Teamspeak 3 +Headset
- +18 Years

If you think i am OKAY so add me pls
ICQ. 384168774
MSN: ESLONUR@live.de Not always online in MSN

My name is Vincent, my in game name is Ploxyy, Im from holland, 17 years old  and im a AP mid player.

Im playing for over a year now, i started in like august 2010 with playing, had a little break of like 2 months when i was lvl 20 or something, nothing interresting, i catched LoL up again in like december, from that day on still playing it everyday, i played with some good players in LoL,  and the last few monst im really interrested in competetive gameplay, i want to get better and improve my skills, thats why im looking for a team now.

My best champions are Anivia/Kennen/Ryze but ofcourse i can handle alot more.
About my solo q elo, i duo q'd alot with a irl friend, and trolled a bit to much,  it costed me alot of elo, i can catch it up if you guys want me to, it is 1336 atm.

I never rage, i think its not good to rage because it wont helps anything. Im can talk proper english, and i got a mic + teamspeak ofcousre.

What i want from a team;
Brains. :>
Playing cups

Interrested? Add me on LoL/Xfire.
LoL : Ploxyy
Xfire: Neaast
Hi i looking for a team . 

About me :
- 18 years
- from Czech Republic
- Can speak decend english
-1650+ elo in soloQ(atm around 1700)
- My main role is Support

GOals :
 - LAN Events
- Profesional and Serious team
- 2K+ elo

What i want - 
- Serious and Profesional Team
- Active Team
- Enough time for practice

If interested so add me ingame : Kannariya

See ya

2 guys looking for a team on EU-West.
Season 1 Elo 1700-1900.
I (Spasik) am playing AD or Support (prefer Sup), ForgotMyShoes can play nearly everything (prefers Jungle).

We're looking for an ambitious team to play cups%tournaments. Also it would be good if the team isn't completely new.
Name: Miguel AKA Fálk in game
Age: 19
Country: Portugal
Playing since: Middle season 1
Level: 30
Server: Eu Nordic-East
Champions mastered: Shaco.

Hey guys, I'm a newly formed competitive player. I've started my competitive gaming in electronic sports 1 year ago in world of warcraft where I've reached 2.3k rating in 3v3. As for League of Legends competitive gaming this is my first attempt at it, I haven't played many rated games since I'm still gathering the resources to play solo queue properly. Even though I might not have an good amount of experience I feel I have what it takes to reach 1.7k+ rating in solo queue when I get a decent set of runes.
My aim here is to find some nice team to improve my gaming as well as increase my experience. I've been practising mostly solo top and jungling champions such as Irelia, Singed, GP, Wukong, Rumble and Shyvana for solo top and Shaco, GP and Amumu for Jungling.

LoL: Fálk
Skype: Falreigimer
Email: Falreigimer@gmail.com

Feel free to contact me anytime, anywhere.
Hello ,

My name is Vlad game name Tzaepesh (lvl 30) . Looking for a LoL Eu West team.
Age 21 .
Contry : Slovakia
I can play any role the team has to offer.

This is my first attempt for competitive gaming .
-ingame: Tzaepesh.
-email: Tzaepesh@gmail.com
-skype: Tzaepesh
Hi me and my friend are searching for a clan

We both are S1 1600+ Top raiting.
We both can play almost all
We usally play bot ad/support
we are looking for a serious caln

if you want too talk too me add me in game ; Edoo
I'm writing this in my name and in my cousin's name. We both are searching for team, he plays AP carry, and i go as support, jungler or solo top (both players can solo top).

We are from Portugal, average of 500 normal games and some exp. in ranked.

R3voltec: Jungler (WW, Fidle, Lee, Amumu) 
Support (Taric, Sona, Soraka, Janna, Alistar)
Solo Top (Chogath, Lee sin, Akali, Soraka)

Khamalll: AP Carry (almost any champ)
Solo Top (mainly Chogath, Amumu, Gragas)

 This is our best champs, but we can actually play any champ in the game.

We are looking for a team wich respect, have teamplay and knows hot to learn and teach. No requirements ELO, just wanna play ESL or clanbase or ranked 5v5 team.

To contact add: R3voltec

My name is alexander, 16 years old, aka TLC MajorError on the nordic and east server of league of legends. I am currently looking for a more dedicated team as an ad carry capable of playing every ad carry to a degree however i best perform with cait, graves, and kog maw. I am looking for a team that either speaks english or swedish as i am capable of speaking both currently living in sweden with swedish nationallity tho my father is english so i have ample experience speaking both. I currently have 1560 rating in solo que with 126 wins and 104 loss and over 750 wins in normal games and have experience with most champs so i have an understanding of how each character plays ingame and a overall understanding. I am very commited when it comes to a team as i play most days and most of my free time and hope to compete in go4lol everyweek if possible.

you can contact me by adding me on league of legends as TLC MajorError
 or my skype which is major.error5.
Hey dudes. im rus. LF good team.

 age 21. ihave teamspeak\skype. best jungler\range dd

server nordic/east

Skill: 2000elo+

 Activity: high

Motivation: high++
Hi i Search Clan!

Search Pl/International Clan.
Eng: good
AGE: 18
Time of game: 4 hours per day

Pref: AD Carry, Support
Skill med++

MSNemoticon-smilejgib0n@o2.pl / b.brandt@playgene.pl /
PM on esl/MSN 4 more infos.
Ero wrote:

2 guys looking for a team on EU-West.
Season 1 Elo 1700-1900.
I (Spasik) am playing AD or Support (prefer Sup), ForgotMyShoes can play nearly everything (prefers Jungle).

We're looking for an ambitious team to play cups%tournaments. Also it would be good if the team isn't completely new(=is playing together since some time).
Hi, my name is João Ribeirinha and  I'm looking for a team to play serious and competitive.

Age: 18.
From: Portugal
Summoner Name: kyuzo pereira

My main role: My main role is apmid, i can play with: brand,gragas, cassiopeia,kassadin,malzahar,annie,lux,xerath,ezreal.
Also i can play solotop (renekton,chogath,gragas,akali),  or Support ( Soraka, Sona, Janna).

Comunication: TeamSpeak3, Raidcall,skype

Special Notes:  I'm playing League of Legends since when jarvan got released,i like watching pro players streams,  because I always want to learn something new and I'm trying to get better. I'm friendly guy, teamplayer, not blaming others for their mistakes. Currently i have 500+normal games and 1000 elo.

Contacts: E-Mail: joni112211@hotmail.com ; Skype: joao ribeirinha
Hi LoL Players Im here to recruit some players for my team so thats what i needemoticon-tonguelayers must be on Eu-West
-Skill jungler lvl 30 on acount
-Skill suport lvl 30 on acount
-Skill solo lane lvl 30 on acount
Also you need to know play whit all characters
Im evry day online from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm Romanian hour
I hope to get an competitive team for all the tournaments
You can contact me on Yahoo my id is bushido_mahyahoo.com,On Skipe id luca.eugen2,On LoL my name is Luptatoru.
So if anybody wants to join plz contact for a short talk and an game to test your skills.Good bye and Gl in games

2 guys looking for a team on EU-West.
Season 1 Elo 1700-1900.
I (Spasik) am playing AD or Support (prefer Sup), ForgotMyShoes can play nearly everything (prefers Jungle).

We're looking for an ambitious team to play cups%tournaments. Also it would be good if the team isn't completely new(=is playing together since some time).
Hi @ all,

suche einen aktiven Clan der Bock hat Esl durchzustarten und auch bereit ist etwas dafür zu tun.

Was ich mitbringe:

-gute Laune und Motivation mich zu verbessern
-nehme Kritik an
-besitze Brain für das Spiel
-kann alle Positionen belegen
-gehe mit anderen Membern ordnungsgemäß um
-lange Spielerfahrung

Was ich erwarte:

-ebenfalls gute Behandlung
-Leute mit BRAIN für das Spiel
-personen die schon länger spielen
-aktive member

Falls Interesse bestehen sollte:

Add woe is mee

PS:2nd acc. alten acc. für etwas kohle verscheppert. aber bin gerne für ein tg zu haben.
-Im looking for competitive team.

-Im 18 years old from serbia

-Very commited to game, got a lot of free time to train.

-I have about 300 wins in normal games and currently 1350 elo in ranked, but i'm certain i dont belong there, you know how hard is to get to higher elo, so u can try me out, dont judge me on elo, cause i cant make progress when i play 4v5 every second game !
contact me on skype: srdjano3, or in game (EAST), nickname Muxzy.
My Main is AP Carry/bruisers
Hello hello

Im 18 and searching for some people to play some games with, have gotten kinda sick of solo.

I usually play Leesin(jungle) Ezreal(adbot) Garen(tank/solotop) Kassadin(apmid)
Katarina(ap mid/top)sion (ap mid/top)nidalee(suport/ap) and Olaf(solotop/tank)

well thats kinda those who i play, learning when i find some one fun. 
Aint so high on ranked, prob due do soloqueue. 

And if you wanna play give me and friend request or somthing, my name is      I Nuffe I in game.
hey ich bin ein begeisterter lol zocker und suche ein team mit dem man spaß und erfolg haben kann bei interresse bitte melden (deutscher clan bevorzugtXD)
ich suche ein gutes team das sehr aktiv ist und auch wöchentlich an Go4lol und anderen cups teilnimmt gerne auch eps...

Wie gesagt sehr aktiv d.h. täglich online um dann auch im team spielen zu können.

Momentane Elo 1500 +-



Fav. Position ist AD Carry

Bitte schnell melden ingame

InCardia Luigi
Hi Leute,
ich heiße Dominic, bin 16Jahre alt und suche ein erfahrenes Team.
Ich spiele LoL seit 2Jahren und bin oft und lange online.
Ich kann von Support bis Solo Top alles spielen. Ich bin kritikfähig, Teamfähig, und oft gut drauf emoticon-tongue und verstehe mich oft gut mit den anderen Spielern. Ich habe Ts3/2, Skype und ein funktionfähiges Headset.

Aber durch zahlreiche Leaver/AFKler ist meine elo bis unter 1000 gekommen, was ich jetzt wieder zu verändern versuche.
Ich würde mich über Nachrichten freuen 
Ingame bin ich erreichbar unter den Namen: D4rkRush
Also meldet euch bei mir ingame oder hier emoticon-grin

Mfg D4rkRush/Dominic
I am looking for good team at Eu Nordic-East emoticon-grin

About me:

18 Years old and i am from Poland. My Name is Przemek.
I speak English,German,Polish
- 24/7 Online
- I can play ad carry , jungle , solo lane , ap or any character You want me to emoticon-grin
- I got working headset with mic 
- High motivation
- High skill
( modest )

If You want to know anything else pm me or write to me at game 

ingame name - ravenelli
skype - zenekkkk2
hello everyone ! emoticon-grin

im searching a team for playing ranked, esl and other cups.
 about me :

im 17 years old, from germany, my name is Bastian.
i can speak english and german, so should be no problem with an eu team.
i think my skill is around mid to high, and i hope the team is around the same level.
my elo is around 14-15xx atm, but i dont rly care alot about elo, i just want a good playing team, with wich one we can start playing rankeds.
im playing LoL since the beta now, and got alot of experience with every hero, but my best role is AP-Mid and Jungler.
im playing on EU west,  with ingame name SaltyMVP.
feel free to add me,
would like to play some test games emoticon-grin
best regards,
Two dutch players looking for skilled team (stoffelke + freshkimo )

Skill: 1800elo+

Activity: high

Motivation: high++
1700 AP Mid
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