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experienced support(2k+) lf competetive team
Author Posting
Hey guys im Stef,
I'm searching for a new clan/ranked team.

Some basic informations of mine:
location: germany, bavaria
languages: german, english and a bit french
age: 16
LoL experience:
playing since 2,5years, 1000 normal wins
~ 1150ranked games this season
elo(soloq atm): 2008
last season gold ~ 950ranked games
favorite champs: there is no favorite, I play all supporters

What I'm looking for: (team)
proper english/ german
at least 1900+
participation at several tournaments( 4pl/go4lol and others)
fixed training times
comunication via skype/ts3

No must but would be nice:
own webside
own ts3 server

you can contact me:
ingame: Pr0champ
skype: steffendiablo2
e-mail: steffen.ackermann96@googlemail.com
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