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1.9 International Language

The language to be used at all times in the International Section of the ESL is English. This is to allow all of our users from different countries to communicate with relevant ease. Included in this are all comments, protest tickets, support tickets, match communication, and IRC conversations.

Failure to comply with this rule will lead to penalty points being added to your player account (See Rule 7.11.2: International Language).

Any player who breaks these rules will be, upon their first offence, receive a written warning. Following this, penalty points will be given under the following guidelines:

7.11.2 International Language

# first offence: written warning
# second offence: 1 penalty point
# third offence: 2 penalty points etc.

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Well... i think this rule is good for the website, but, i wanna know why there are so much post on german language that arent penalized, warned, or deleted, and when someone writes something in spanish, it got deleted...
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I agree, ban everyone who talks german here.
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Look at Player/Clan recruiting... I don't see even a drop of English in there... Only German, German and of course German.
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I can't even see where the problem is in speaking german?First of all, the majority of the LoL-players in ESL really ARE german! And another thing is-who would have believed-that there are still people who are not speaking english that well to get any sentence done in english. So what would you do if it was required to speak some language unknown to you? You would surely try to communicate using the languages you know.

@Lastimii: To make ur deleted post count as an example u need to call the circumstances. There is no reason for complaining if there could have been written something like "i'm gonna f*** ur...." it would have been deleted anyway. And since there is a thread like this one: http://www.esl.eu/eu/lol/forum...7630/?lastvisit=1285015996 (just anotherone looking for a froup for those who do not speak french), it proofs that the german posts are not privilegded

@Lopasijus: Why should there even be a reason not to write in his own language? If one is looking for a group he supposedly would search for one of his own language. so why should one not introduce oneself in his own language when he does not want to get any answer by some spanish ppl?

This is just to make self-centered people overthink their way of thinking about other people...
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There are maybe 40-50% Germans on this site? For an example.The rest are from other countries and speak other languages. Otherwise they can change this site to www.esl.de instead of .eu
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n3v ignore such naive comments from some german guys, english is the global language and not german.
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