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Conduct, support and match search

The ESL is becoming more and more important throughout the European region, which means that more and more new languages will be entering the ESL. In order to ensure a clear overview for everyone and the Admins, some rules should be kept to when on the IRC channels. It is important to first of all read the topic in the according channels, as the latest news and changes are mostly to be found there.

The following IRC rules apply:

  • No insults
  • No channel or clan advertising
  • No Queries to Ops
  • No MP3-scripts
  • No away-scripts that keep repeating themselves
  • Matchsearch only on #esl.match
  • Support requests only on #esl.support or via the web form

    The main channel is #esl and game-specific channels are partitioned according to their code (e.g. #esl.cs especially for the CS division in the ESL). Nearly every large ladder has an own channel. If in doubt, you can ask for the according channel in #esl.

    Match search in #esl.match:

    This channel is meant mainly for spontaneous ESL matches. The following criteria are important when looking for an opponent:

  • State the ladder and the used mods
  • State the country (DE, EU, UK ...)
  • State the ESL points
  • Server status (available yes/no)
  • State the time of the game

    Support requests in #esl.support:

    This channel was set up in order to get fast help from admins. Protests are not clarified on IRC, they are dealt with only via the protest function on the webpage. For special questions you will often need to give the player IDs, team IDs or match IDs, so please keep them handy. The admins try to occupy this channel as often as possible, so that they can answer all your questions. In case the channel is not occupied, you should use the web form at Help & support.

    Consequences of rule violation:

    As a rule, a player will automatically receive –v (devoice) for interfering scripts or clan advertisement, which means that he is blocked and cannot speak on the channels. Gross misconducts can even lead to a ban (+b) and a subsequent kick. Penalty points can be given for insulting others.
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