EU West - 5on5 - Proving Grounds #2
The Proving Grounds are open! Now it's time to prove ESL summoners. This Thursday is it time to prove your 5v5 skills. Sign up now and show you can stand against all the other summoners in the Proving Grounds.
This 5v5 Proving Grounds cup is a Draft Mode tournament. We will have all random Proving Grounds cup as well in the future, but maybe play 5v5 Proving Ground All Random in VERSUS, the ESL Matchmaking. Just click on the VERSUS banner in the news to start.

League of Legends - 5on5 - Proving Grounds #2

League of Legends 5on5 - Proving Grounds #2

Cup Start: 05.07.2012 - 19:00 CEST
Check in Needed: Check in 18:40 - 19:00 CEST to take part.
Mode: 5on5
Cupsize: max. 128 slots
Matchdates: round rhythm 45 mins / single elimination
Server: Europe West (lol-europe.com)
IRC: #esl.lol.west (QuakeNet)
Map: Proving Grounds (5on5)
Game Options:
Game Type: Draft Mode
Game-Name: e.g. "ESL: TeamA vs TeamB"

Proving Grounds #2

5v5 - Proving Grounds

Pickmode is Draft Mode.
Please upload result screenshots.
Please enter a line up for each match.

Your Admin Team
NachtkindFX, Wednesday, 04/07/12 15:22
Play 1v1 Proving Gounds now in VERSUS
Play 5v5 Proving Gounds now in VERSUS
comments (4)
Gibts für den Gewinner Preise?
what about prices? are there any?
There are no prizes in this cup, not all cups can have prizes.
Maybe u can place the price , that the players come into hall of fame like cod:mw3...
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