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CHEATER The Master Batters .... (READ Everyone)
Author Posting
Participated in east Nordic 3vs3 ladders...

Then the requests came to us looking for the opponent team immediately agreed The Master Batters wanted to postpone the time of 20:30 after 21:30 they said we accepted we stubbornly said, but we did not accept it told them to come 21:30..

Then came time for the match and made match surrender then they gave great superiority, and the game won when washing noxus went without saying gg..

I walked in, I wrote to accept the forum i said score and then just stopped said Definition What they did not even reply. This morning we did score more then they fixed it changed 1 0  did them again ..

Pattern is not suitable for display there, but they let us in 3rd place as the first blind pick, a more intelligent play games with them .. think they are doing smart..

good forums

The Wickeds - TwD

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