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[Greek]Mid lf eu team!
Author Posting
Hello guys i am chris and i am 19 years old.I am from greece and i am playing league of legends EU NE about 1 year.I am playing mid but since solo Q is fked up my elo is low as hell! My opinion is that solo ranked is not the only think that can saw your skills.I can speak greek and english and i have skype TS or whatever team needs to communicate with. I can play all the ap players since i like ability power. My main champion is ryze and morde. In 5 days i will have 9 rune pages so it will be easier to fight in ranks or to choose counter picks with good runes. I am still learning from the bests thats why i am waching streams when i have time. Atm i am working but i finish my job in 2 days so i will have time to practice everyday about 3-4-5 hours. I would like my team to pass from an gameplay exam so we can see who can handle his lane and who cant. My ingame name is MyOwnLife  so if you want me in your team add me and with practice we can do a good team for ESL tournaments!
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