Summer League 2009 Playoffs
Finally all teams have played the remaining matches and the group stage has come to an end. We are proceeding to phase 2, the playoffs! We are looking forward to some breathtaking matches, fought by the remaining contestants!

The Playoffs are reached!

The following teams have fought hard and have reached the playoffs of the Left 4 Dead Summer League 2009. They can be proud, but shouldn´t rest now, they will need to stay concentrated and prevail to end up on position #1!
We are pleased to anounce the following 16 teams:

Group A
#1 Vodka
#2 niOk .L4D

Group B
#1 Quarantine
#2 Allendale eucup

Group C
#2 We eat people

Group D
#1 R.I.P. L4D2
#2 Pixel-Perfect

Group E
#1 Gamers-Area
#2 PIC.L4D

Group F
#1 Safety
#2 Joga Bonito

Group G
#1 Bouncer4You.Gaming L4D

Group H
#2 sGs-gaming

Playoff Timetable

Left4Dead Summer League 2009 Playoffs
Eighth Final Wednesday, 10/09/09 - 14/09/09
Quarter Final Sunday, 14/09/09 - 18/09/09
Semi Final Thursday, 18/09/09 - 22/09/09
Final Monday, 22/09/09 - 27/09/09

See the match sheet´s for details on the map to play for each round.

Not everything went well

Unfortunately we had some teams who had to leave the league, and some who failed to play all their matches on schedule, leaving a bad taste of unsportsmanship here and there, but these things are inevitable. However we sincerely do hope that these teams will rejoin future tournaments and who knows, maybe then for a full participation!

In future cups & leagues we will be enforcing rules by far more than we have until now, as a result of missing mandatory matchmedia and teams not sticking to arranged dates at a majority of the matches.

Rules Reminder

We would like to see the remaining teams proceed with a higher level of professionalism. Therefor please read the rules below:


If a player/team does not show up at the agreed matchdate (which is depending on the agreements, either the scheduled date or the default date) this will result in a major penalty and a new date to be define. After 2 major penalties the player/team will be kicked and all its/his matches erased

Competetive Config

All Matches have to be played on a Server wich is running the Competetive Config from Downtown1 (used by Cevo and other Leagues aswell).
You can play on your own Servers as well if you are running the necessary Plugins. Or you can play on the Official ESL Summer League Server (sv_search_key eslsummer09). Please don't use the ESL Server for Public Lobby's, its for Summer League matches only, if you use it for any other purpose you will be permanently banned from the Server.

Mandatory Matchmedia

A Screenshot of the Final Score is mandatory and must be uploaded within 24 hours of the match.
A Console Screenshot with the command "sm plugins list" is mandatory.
The status steamID Screenshot is advisable but not mandatory, it will however be in the case of protests dealing with unauthorized players suspicions.
Uploading demo files and server logs are recommended, and sometimes mandatory, to handle protests dealing with ingame issues (cheating suspicions, illegal kicks, insults, spamming, bug using suspicions...and so on.).

Don´t forget the prizes!

Summer League 2009

   1st 3 months
   2nd 2 months
   3rd 1 month

The winner will also receive this special League award

Feedback & Support

We would like to see your feedback and questions in our Forum. You can also visit us in our IRC Channel #esl.l4d (QuakeNet) or you can write a Support Ticket.

Best wishes,

your Staff Europe
Felerian01, Wednesday, 09/09/09 23:49
Left 4 Dead 4on4 Summer Leagues 2009
comments (5)
GL all.
Really dont see how you got groups B,C,F,G in the lower tier of the fixtures.
Surely it should be group A winner plays group C runner up, group B winner plays group D runner up.
Seems abit weird.
Finaly :D
gl 2 all :)
if anyone needs an cevo server for an match, just contact me!
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