Versus Rotoblin Ladder
The teams have been screaming for this ladder for some time now and we do not want to torture you any longer with further waiting time! Finally the long expected Rotoblin Ladder is going to kick off! Read the news for important information, ladder details, links and more!

L4D 4on4 Rotoblin Ladder!

The signups are open and all teams ready for some high skill battles are welcome to join! The more the merrier! If all goes well the challenge system will go online tomorrow evening and the matches can begin! Load your guns and grab your pills, the zombie hunt continues!

Before you sign up, be sure to read the ladder description rules and check the ladder description for the changelog of rotoblin, a match description and information about the mandatory matchmedia (which can also be found below). Be aware that ignorance is no protection against punishment!

Before we go on with the obligatory & mandatory stuff, we would like to thank suprep and D4rKr0W for their assistance and of course the frustian & rotoblin devs for making this possible.

New Rules

There are a few new rules and therefore we recommend all teams to carefully read the game specific rules!

Two of the important changes are:
Intentionally downing a team mate near the saferoom (90%+ distance) to gain a health bonus is forbidden!
To ignite gasoline tanks with special infected is forbidden!

Another important new rule is rule 9.2.5. Nickname obligation
During a match every player must choose a nickname which can be assigned to his ESL-Nickname. Changing the Nickname after the start of the match is not permitted.
If an admins work is interfered due to differing nicknames, penalty points will be given.

We also have a forum thread where you can read and discuss about forbidden bugs/illegal actions.

Rotoblin Config

If you don´t have Rotoblin installed on your server or you have no idea what Rotoblin is, then follow this link to the rotoblin project page or download the rotoblin-0.5.0.zip and check out the installation instruction. You can also find a complete changelist of rotoblin on the ladder description page!

Left 4 Dead 4on4 Rotoblin Ladder
Ladder details Ladder Signup: OPEN!
Ladder Start: 12/05/10 20:00
Game Mode: Versus
Config: Rotoblin Config only
(players can NOT agree to any other config!)

Rotoblin Ladder - Sign up!

Restrictions & Rules
Residence Europe
GameaccountSteamID L4D (4 players minimum)
ShorthandleTeams must have an abbreviation / short name / tag entered
Logo A team logo must be uploaded
Rules have been accepted

A screenshot showing the final score is mandatory and must be uploaded to the matchsheet (match media). One team uploading the screenshot is enough, but if the screenshot is missing, then both teams are responsible.
Every player must record complete replays/demos during the match (Guide). The demos are to be kept for at least 14 days and must be presented to the admin at request. Console command: record DEMONAME
A screenshot showing the Sourcemod Plugin List is mandatory and must be uploaded to the matchsheet (match media). Console command: sm plugins list (Using any other commands will result in invalid screenshots!)
The "status" screenshot, showing the SteamIDs of the performing players, however is optional (mandatory in case of a protest e.g. faking suspicion). Console command: status

Feedback & Support

We would like to see your feedback and questions in our Forum. You can also visit us in our IRC Channel #esl.l4d (QuakeNet) or you can write a Support Ticket.

Best wishes,

your Staff Europe
Felerian01, Tuesday, 11/05/10 22:54
Left 4 Dead 4on4 Rotoblin Ladder
Forum Thread: forbidden bugs/illegal actions
Left 4 Dead 4on4 Rotoblin Ladder Info
Left 4 Dead Specific Rules
Rotoblin Project Home
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Guys, there is a small fix on the network rates that we decided to change. Till we release our next version, you can get your server up to date by replacing your rotoblin_map.cfg file with this one:


The new settings basically allow you to have a lower interp.

sm_cvar sv_client_cmdrate_difference 1
sm_cvar sv_client_min_interp_ratio -1
sm_cvar sv_client_max_interp_ratio -1
sm_cvar cl_updaterate 101
sm_cvar cl_cmdrate 101
sm_cvar fps_max 1000

These commands from the normal 0.5.0 version were all removed on purpose?
BasicaLLY allows you to use dodgy rates with the tank because configing ist cool jah
already dead -.-
good job
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